Sunday, October 23, 2011

pUmPkInPaLoOzA 2011

Fun night was had by Miss Neon girl, The Bee, The Witch, and The Ninja!

my blondies

and their momma!

future MSU cheerleaders

Tailgate to these 2 means playing with their babies and practicing their cheers all day while the bulldogs play!
Sweet and cute girls.

bUlLdOg cousin fun!

Football season always means lots of cousin fun.
They LoVe the pallet parties with tons of giggles, and this morning I suffered through a NO hot water shower.  BUT, yes people we made it to the tailgate by 9 with all these girl Dumas cousins in tow! 

from left to right.....
KD, Ruth Emmon, Onsby, LJ, Anne Watkins, Marganie, and Phelps

yes, poor Watkins was very out numbered!

maroon and white game

my favorite taligate girls!
take note.  
Viv does know what colors she is supposed to wear, but she chooses to not follow.
I guess we should just be glad she doesn't wear her red and blue. :(

KD's obsession

I am pleased to announce that I have my very own extreme couponer in house.
Our brown-eyed girl can't wait for those coupons to come in the Wednesday and Sunday paper.
Yes, people I make the grocery list and she matches the coupons up with what we need.
She even has her very own coupon binder!
KD did not inherit this organizational skill from me....promise.

Love my KD and her coupon self!

what am I going to do....

when Little Miss Priss won't let me dress her (and baby) like this anymore??

the gRamMy's

LJ helped present the FUMC church youth Grammy's.
She did a wonderful job, and had lots of fun!

Sweet girl is getting so big!

Friday, October 14, 2011