Monday, November 30, 2009

bargin purchases!

I was certainly glad that JD let us make a few purchases for our "like new" house that
should be ready in a few short days!!!!
Can't believe it !!!
That is RIGHT December 10th is our move in day !!!!

So check out these few purchases.............

a lamp
4 bar stools
4 of these "anytime chairs"
and these 2 chairs - I REALLY like the pillows!
Can't wait to see them in my new sitting room!

Boxes will be unloaded and Christmas decorations will go up really quick once we move back in!!!

Volunteers needed!!!

park = FUN!!!

the big girls were away getting some two on two grandparent time, so
the babies and I headed to the park!

They had fun and played NON-STOP with Baby Henry until it got dark!

I took a few shots and love them!

told you they LOVED it!!!

Happy Birthday for REAL!!!

Well, Daddy/JD has turned the big 3-0 for real !!
We celebrated with a few friends and a DELICIOUS home cooked meal of a few of his favorites-
thanks girls for pitching in and helping me pull it off!!!


- roasted red pepper soup
- stuffed onions
- pork loin
- green bean bundles
- homemade mac and cheese
- rolls
- pecan pie with ice cream


the birthday boy and Watkins

blowing out some candles
with a little help!

So happy, happy birthday to a wonderful, interesting, hard-working, lovable, successful
daddy and husband!!!
We love you - glad you belong to us!!!

a tooty tot!!!

the babies love performing the many songs they learn at school!

one of their favorites is "A Tooty Tot"!

they had a GREAT time performing it for Granny Audie and Papa over

these expressions priceless!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Thanksgiving is................

Katherine had a class play last night.
She was the narrator, and absolutely loved being in charge of the
(I think I am raising alot of chiefs and not many Indians. Sounds familiar I think.)
Anyway - Katherine's class and my homeroom class did the play together!
It was fantastic and the kids enjoyed it to the fullest!
I took this before the play.

Katherine and Mr. Turkey
(please note the straight hair!
of course, she had to look extra special for her big role!)

I had to ask JD to take pictures because I could not direct and do that.

This is what I got.


Shot #1
Shot #2

I was hoping for more, but thankful for what I got.
After all, is that time of year!

Thank you Papa and Granny Audie for coming
and taking the babies and KD home with you!
We will head to Memphis soon for soccer with LJ.

YAY - one week off here I come!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Tailgating Tricks

Not only do we have good food, friends and family at our tailgate -
but we have talented cheerleaders with
STUNTS included!

We are looking forward to the MSU vs. Ole Miss game!
Our cheerleaders are working on this cheer!

HOTTY, TODDY gosh almighty!

You can even stop by and I am sure they will perform it for you!
Daddio and some of his grandchildren...........
Phleps, KD, LJ, Lacy, Watkins, Jack, Onsby, Stella, and James David
Just the kiddos.
Now the Big kids!
Sorena, Jennifer, John Dale, JD, and Me

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Twenties Free.....................

JD is almost "Twenties Free.............."
his birthday is only a few short days away.
We celebrated last Friday night with a surprise party!
I would say he WAS surprised the first time he heard about it!
Or maybe he started putting things together when he showed up at the school and
I was absent because I was at home getting it all together.
I don't know - but the important thing is we all had a great time celebrating!!!!

Mr. Bill brought him home.
JD looks happy ?!?!

I love this picture of him and his mom!
Me and JD
Like the shirts?????

The girls even did a very cute cheer when he drove up!
something like this.........
Jeremiah, Jeremiah - you are turning 30!
Jeremiah, Jeremiah - you are turning 30!
You are going up, you are going down!
Soon you will be heading out of town !!!
Jim even had fun climbing trees!
COULD NOT have pulled this off with out the help of a few of my favorite friends!
Having FUN!!!
The Family
Wat - what is up there??

cupcakes too??? YUM!!!!
Snap, Snap!!
His brother Russ chose to wear this shirt instead of the tye-dye one. Imagine that???
BUT for the record he DID buy one!!!!
This is what he thinks of his brother - READ CAREFULLY!!!
JD, Grandy, and some of the girl cousins
VIV and the CAKE!
It was PERFECT!!!
Thanks for making it - you are the BEST!!!
ALL lit up!!!
30 balloons!
Sorry, Wat! Now we can't see you at all!
Can you pick out JD's sis and 2 brothers???
Glad they were there to join in the celebrating!
I know they can't believe the baby is 30!
FRIENDS - could not make it without them!

Happy, happy birthday JD!
We LOVE you.

Thank you to all who cleaned, cooked, traveled, came, picked up my kids, toted my kids around, listened to me fuss/complain, making the party a success, and MOST importantly
being our friends and family!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Soccer, Entertainment, and Good Food

We headed to Jackson on Saturday to spend the weekend on the soccer fields-
to watch these girls play.
And by the way - they are ranked #1 on one poll and #2 on another poll
They are really fun to watch.
This weekend they ended up 1-1-1 !
One loss, one win, and one tie.
They hustled, played hard - but the points just didn't end up in their favor.
We are headed to Memphis in a couple of weeks, and are planning to bring home
a trophy!
JD and I are thankful we always seem to have family or friends to stay with when we
travel to play soccer.
It is always NICE to visit and EXTRA NICE
when the family or friends have DELICIOUS food and FREE ENTERTAINMENT!!!
These girls put on countless shows..................
A comedy starring -
A solo by Katherine!
"Nerds Have Muscles Too!"
Starring -
Stella and Marganie
Another Solo by
I am VERY disappointed I did not get her "tabletop dance moves"!
My camera went dead, and anyway her daddy might not want others
to know those tricks!
Miss Mar I have you know -
KD and LJ have been practicing, but I'm afraid they won't ever
have it perfected like you!

Check out the expressions on Russ and Cindy's faces when
Marganie was doing her moves!
Russ was thinking, "Good Lord, she is only 8 and moves like that!"
And Cindy - well, I think her face says it all!
Russell - about to cry???

Thank you SO MUCH for the MOUTHWATERING supper
and the SCRUMPTIOUS Sunday spread!
I am sure we will just have to come back real SOON!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Happy Birthday - Granny Audie!!!

We all had a great time helping Granny Audie celebrate birthday #??
Friday night!

Yes, the kiddos loved making her this master piece...........
happy, happy birthday - Granny Audie!!!!