Thursday, January 27, 2011

hunting buddies.

these 2 boys lived it up at deer camp a few weekends ago.
I can't believe these 2 are even BIG enough to go, and the fact their mommas 
let them go.
I will report they both came home in one piece, happy, feed, and needing a bath!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

gUeSs who.

doesn't just LOVE the snow?
the one not pictured in it.

Phelps is not a fan.

the old vs. the young

after completing a young vs. old basketball game this is what the Dumas boys
looked like.  I guess Cris and Rob would be considered Dumas boys.  Right?  If they are married to a Dumas sister?

love. this. picture.

 lOOk closely and notice......
- Cris' head. (2nd from the left)
Yep, I am pretty sure some of us might have an annual picture like that from high school. 
Water falling from John Polk's head. (2nd from the right)
Present from his girl cousins.
- JD's refreshing beverage.  Beer and Basketball???
wondering who won?
the oldies.
JD is considered a young one.


say WHAT???

cHrIsTmAs MoRnInG!

 the kiddos can not pass this little barrier on Christmas morning until
the parents come.

the BIG question.......did he come?
(please note.  I believe Watkins was a little worried, three numbers 911.)

yep, he did.
he was VERY nice I might add.

watkins' goodies

phelps' toys

kd's stuff

lj's stash
I tried to convince them to let Santa put the presents under the tree, but
they all insist on these certain spots.

everyone had tons of fun opening presents.
we opened them one at a time this year and they loved it.
so sweet!

they were very animated to say the least.

somebody was very excited about the white stuff!
smiles all around!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

twas the night before cHrIsTmAs.......

and all through the Dumas place, 
we're giggles, laughs, and smiles on every face!
The Dumas daddy read the traditional story real quick,
you know the one - all about St.Nick.
Watkins was confused because he heard about some snow,
and Dumas daddy clarified, "Only if it can stay 32 or below."
The Dumas kiddos couldn't wait to see if the snow would appear,
and if they might hear Santa and his reindeer.
It wasn't to late when all the Dumas kiddos hung their stockings with care,

In hopes the Dumas momma would stop taking pictures sometime before Santa got there.
All 4 Dumas kiddos did get nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of Toms, American Girl Dolls, and Legos danced in their heads!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

she's a fIrEcRaCkEr.

 this little thing is a mEsS lately!

I have to share 2 quotes from yesterday.........

#1 Is it a bad thing that Phelps has stomped me in the game "Memory" 
each time we have played?
I personally think not, but it is the truth.

Last night as we were playing, everytime she would get a match she would then say, "Holla."

Where did she hear that???
I have some ideas.
Thank you cousin, Stella!

#2  Have you ever seen the movie Norbit ?
If you haven't this won't be as funny, and a suggestion you need to rent
it soon.  It is sure to bring you tons of laughs!
Eddie Murphy plays 2 of the main characters. 

Last night I was talking to Phelps while she was playing in the bathtub.
She said, "Momma, shampoo me, condition me, bathe me - Hal-a-lou-your!

"Hal-a-lou-your" is something Eddie's character says over and over again in the movie.

1 word - hilarious!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

sassy with a side of attitude.

can you guess which one of them I am talking about???
we are having a little difficulty in that area.  
hopefully that will all work out real soon......
I will let you know.

on the other hand------

we all had a really good time making cookies for Santa.
 they worked really hard making theirs just right.
 I am sure Santa thought they were YuM, YuM!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

nAuGhTy or nIcE ???

naughty if you are considering the funny faces they are making at their momma.

nice if you count they are ALL looking at the camera with sWeEt smiles.
I count that as really NICE.

p.s. those are supposed to be reindeer antlers.

Christmas Eve 2010