Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Cool Shoes and Balls that Don't Bounce

Where do you go to be able to wear extremely cool shoes and play with balls that don't bounce????
The bowling alley - of course.
FYI - There are two types of bowling shoes ones that tie and ones that velcro.
It is VERY important that Phelps get the ones that tie.
Check out this clan in action.
Lawson Joy has it down pat.
Katherine is a very focused bowler.
She even swings the ball back and forth several times to get enough power.
Yes, she is strong enough to hold the ball by herself, and
she won the game. Beat the big sisters and brother.
Oooh.......... That is a good shot!
The kids had a blast bowling!

Monday, June 29, 2009

The Famous Chicken

Not only does John make his "famous chicken", but is he really famous too?
Look closely at this bottle.
Yes, that is John and Emily.
His sweet Dixie got these made for him for Valentine's Day.
Neat gift! I had no idea you could get this done.
Wouldn't these be cute at a wedding or birthday party?
So Mr. Famous and Dixie invited us over for a little bar-b-que and Emily you were right the chicken was yummy!
Cooking it up.
Emily really likes it.
Lawson Joy does too.
Katherine made a happy plate, along with everybody else.
The "famous" chicken was delicious, the conversations interesting/funny/informative, and the time spent with good friends - priceless!
Thanks for having us over Cartwrights, we enjoyed it!

Blue Highlights+Best Friends=Big Fun

Little Fashion Diva has noticed the summer style of colored highlights.
We were headed to the pool, and Phelps came out of her room with blue highlights. Yes, Phelps did this all by herself.
Look closely in the front.
Better News -
When we got to the pool their best sidekicks were there.

Phelps and Ansley just a floating!
Watkins and Karis being silly!
Summer Fun for SURE!

Henry loves Lawson Joy

Henry Update
- he always reaches for Lawson Joy
-he even has started giving her kisses
-soon he will be chasing her!
Yes, Baby Henry has started taking several steps, not WALKING totally, but will be any day!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A New Neighbor. GONE!

Yes. Can you believe this BIG thing thought it would be welcome on White Drive?
Well, I am sure not to your surprise upon it meeting our beloved Jeremy this fellow only lived long enough for Jeremy to grab his camera and bottle of RAID. He took a few pics and then poof, he was gone.
Can I say SCARY?
I just hope this fellow does not have any brothers or sisters, better yet mother or father.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Beach Some More.

I was very proud of myself making the slideshow, but there were several problems that got on my last nerve.
1 - some of the pictures were cutoff on the right
2 - typos I could not fix
3 - why would it not move from the very top of my blog
So....I decided to delete it and give a quick beach recap.
Here it is.
We go to the beach with JD's family. It is always lots of fun, and event filled for sure.
Day 1
We started it off celebrating the big 4 of Phelps and Watkins!
Blow out those candles!
Day 2
The boys and LJ went deep sea fishing. They had a blast, and caught the limit.
LJ caught the big fish! I think the boys were jealous.
Go LJ!!
Day 3
Onsby and Stella left the beach to head to the State Games to play soccer, but not before a little photo session.
Day 3, 4, and 5
NON-STOP beach time!
(with little breaks spent at the pool)
Watkins loving the waves, even singing and doing a little dancing with the wave action.
Watkins was very brave, and Phelps very cautious.
Just getting that close, tired her out enough to take a little nap.
Our Little Sleeping Beauty
The Big Girls know all the ropes when it is to being at the beach. After all, they always go with Grandy and Daddio early so they stayed 4 extra days. JEALOUS!
Phelps preferred the sand to the water.
She was buried several times.
Watkins did not really like being buried.
Working together to build a castle.
Check out KD's tan!!!
Phelps worked a little on her on.
The kids made these friends at the beach.
They had the best time playing for sure. The older two are boy/girl twins that are 12.
Their mom and I had the best time comparing twin notes and drama.
JD did relax and sit still, but in the shade!
I encouraged him to sit in the sun, but he refused. He said it was cool in the shade.
I probably should have set by him because now my face is peeling. Yuck!
All Our Beach Babes and Dude too!

The Girls Posing
Yes, I did try and get a group photo, which was a no go.
The last night we went out to eat and they all wore their Destin t-shirts.
Yes, I would have preferred if everybody would have worn something cute and festive, but I have to confess I followed their lead with shorts and a t-shirt too.
Look how tired Watkins is.
The Dumas Clan
Beach 09
until next year..............
This took a long time, where did the morning go???

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Beach 09

I love the beach. period. We all had a great time enjoying a little R and R. We celebrated the babies big 4 birthday, Jeremiah and LJ went deep sea fishing (she caught the biggest fish), and the rest of the time was spent sunning and relaxing. The kids loved the beach, pool, and skipping the hustle and bustle of our daily lives. I made a slideshow, which I am quite proud of myself. Although I noticed a few typos, but did not know how to edit them. I guess it will stay at the top of my page until I figure out how to move it. Problems. Anyone that can help me fell free. I will get better. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Can't wait until next year!

Our #1 Man!

Daddy - your little man
and all your little ladies want to take the time to say............
Happy Father's Day! You are our #1 man!
Because you are our daddy!
Let us spell that for you.....
D is for doing.
You are always doing something for us - working, playing, cooking, repairing, loving, and the list goes on and on.
A is for always.
You always tuck us in at night and always make sure we brush our teeth.
D is for do and don't.
You always are teaching us what we should do and all the don't do's.
D is for devoted.
You are truly devoted to being our dad. We see it in all you do and the way you look at us when you say our names.
Y is for YES.
Because yes you are the BEST daddy anyone could ever ask for.
We love you so much. Thank you for being the daddy you are. Jeremiah - thank you for being the head of our family and being a wonderful father to our little crew. We love you!

Babies turn 4!

Our sweet babies turned 4 on June 16th!
I can't believe how time flies. I still remember the day we found out there were 2 babies and not 1. Jeremiah was ecstatic and was terrified. You two were born a little early, 35 weeks, but were perfect and healthy. We were so excited to meet our two new additions, and boy weren't you two precious!
Watkins and Phelps so little! Phelps, Katherine, Lawson Joy, and Watkins
Our Little Clan
You two came here with your very own personalities, and they still stand firm today. Watching you two grow into a sweet little boy and girl has been amazing!
a born leader, always in charge, head strong, best friend to Watkins, fashion "diva", loves those flip-flops (unmatching-of course), momma's girl, can't wait to be big like those sisters, dounut holes completes her favorite breakfast, a little nervous, will always be our baby girl
the follower but will argue if totally disagrees, very caring, will make the BEST husband one day, best friend to Phelps, daddy's boy, always watching out for his sisters, loves his trucks and little men, can't wait to grow big, ALL BOY, likes those cartoons, a new little swimmer, will always be our baby boy
Phleps and Watkins we can't believe you two are the big 4!
What better way to grow up than with your best friend by your side?
We love you two and can't wait to watch you grow even more.
We celebrated with a beach party in Destin!
Thank you Grandy for the birthday meal of shrimp, corn, potatoes, salad, and the famous "come-back sauce"! Lacey and Katherine the cupcakes were delicious!
Birthday Celebration with lots of cousins!
Stella, James David, Sanders, Daddio, Jack, Onsby,Katherine, Lawson Joy, Lacey
Happy, happy birthday to our babies!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Come on and CELEBRATE!

We have really good friends and neighbors who decided to throw a party to celebrate Jeremiah being elected alderman. Jim, Kathleen, Jeremy and Ashleigh get the "the best party giving" award for sure. Viv and Brian came by and we rode on the back of the truck to the party. (note - it was only about 300 yards or so from our house, kids were safe)
Phelps, Eric, Carley, Watkins, Audrey
I think Phelps and Watkins think this was the best part of the night.
The Honoree
Having a good time, explains it all!
The Spread
pork loin, bar-b-que, pasta salad, broccoli salad, dips galore, roll-ups, veggies, fruit, brownies, cupcakes, the best drop cookies ever, and the list goes on and on.

The food was DELICIOUS!!!
Lots of good friends on hand to help in the celebration.
Here are some of our favorite sidekicks!

Taylor, Laura, and Baby Henry
I will have to say Henry even slept in the back room in his pack-n-play, so his momma and daddy could extend their good time a little later.
Thank you baby Henry for being such a sweetie.
Viv and Brian
I love this picture. The best smiles of the night!
Curt and Heather
We loved the prize you left for us on the porch!
Thank you.
Laura, Ashleigh, Hope
We love a reason to get together to LAUGH.
These girls I could not live without!
You two are wonderful friends.
A few snapshots from the night.........

Notice the blue dress. It was CUTE!
Carrie even had on really nice flops from J.Crew.
"Best Dressed" award goes to her
More of the "Spread"
The Ultimate Party Givers and Part of the Dumas Clan
Phelps' head is peeking behind mine.
The night was FUN to say the least, the food delicious, and we can't tell you enough how honered we are that you threw this party.
Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
We will have to think of another reason to have a get together real SOON!