Friday, June 25, 2010

is this veince beach?

nope, but even better with these cuties.

pyramid of cOuSiNs

well on the beach you can do all kinds of things......

but have you ever made one of these????

pyramid of cousins

a silly one

watkins checking it out.

and now even closer

mExIcAn style !!!

the big girls have a little tradition of going to eat Mexican on their actual birthday.

and who could resist a little good Mexican food???

my little sis, Shelby, Mr. Bill, Ashleigh, and Jeremy all joined in on the celebration.

lots of smiles were shared.

then the mexican happy birthday and ice cream in your face is always great to watch.

she pretty much loves that part.

when it is your birthday it is OK to get 2 desserts, rIgHt???

happy, happy b-day little girl!

our 4 kiddos

making a wIsH.

our actress

each year my 3rd grade class puts on a patriotic play at the end of the year.

the kiddos absolutely lOvE it and can't wait to perform. it is alot of fun to watch it all come together at the end.

this year was extra special because KD was involved in the play and she portrayed me "Mrs. Dumas".
I must say I could not have done a better job than her!

the teachers
(Mrs. Dumas, Ms. Virden, Mrs. Woffard, and Mrs. Platt)

KD and Kaylie Beth

the final song is the big surprise of the show because the kids start singing
"God Bless America" and then end it by performing a rap version with a little step show.
here KD is getting ready...........

here she is in action!

KD and some of her buddies after their performance.

gOoD tImEs!

the state cup


go #11!!!

the strikers ended the '09-'10 season at the state cup.
I know we were all hoping for better results at our last tournament, but we ended up
with a tie, a loss, and a win.

it was HOT!!!

the girls had a gReAt time and this season was fUn.

2 weeks off and now we have already started tryouts for next season.

I am not sure if there are any other sports that play year round, but let me tell you soccer does!
LJ loves this sport, and enjoys being with her soccer buddies!

we will be seeing her off to soccer team camp this sunday, which she is ecstatic about.

I would call these bEaCh smiles.

this was taken after the last game, and from there we headed to the bEaCh!

fun times.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

these 2.........

together surely means t-r-o-u-b-l-e!

it is written all over their faces.

Monday, June 21, 2010

KD turns 9!

kd had a great time celebrating #9 at luau themed- dandy-doodlez party!

she even dressed the part......

thank you dollar tree for these really cute cups,

and for most of these decorations!

everyone had fun making their own fruit sh-kabobs and of course painting later!

sassy having fun!

little man being silly.

lots of candles....9 to be exact.

big girl smile.

happy birthday to you!!!

they didn't even help her blow out the candles, but they had to be close.

can't believe our silly, smiley, brown-eyed baby girl is 9!

boots on the bEaCh

somebody insisted on wearing his boots even to the beach.

no matter what the momma said.

momma I can just sit them here so no sand will get in them.

and even if sand gets in them shake them like this.

and then all you do is put them on like this.

what do you say to that???

I say - okay Watkins.

the little man loves his boots these days and despises flip-flops!

the bEaCh 2010

the kiddos had a bLaSt!

(Memorial Day)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

hApPy dAdDy's dAy JD!

thank you JD for giving me 4 of the best smiles ever,
and for always teaching our kiddos things,
always being there and holding their hands,
being handy and fixing things all while answering a million questions,and loving our kiddos unconditionally all while being one on the best daddy's I know!
hApPy dAdDy'S dAy - JD!
we LOVE you.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

fIrEsTaTiOn FuN!

"Watkins the Fireman" in full gear!

of course, Phelps was not into the full gear, but did like the hat!

happy written all over this sweet face!

"take a picture of me, right here where the firemen sit!" bossy said.
she gets it honest!

"what do these do? why do you wear them? they don't get to hot?" the aspiring fireman asked.

thank you, Cole for the sweet tour, special treatment, AND for answering the million
questions the little man asked you.
and of course for showing him what was behind ever single door on the firetrucks and in the station.

he LOVED his special tour!

oh, pioneer!

KD's school Overstreet has "Pioneer Day" each year. It really is a fun day that has students experience a day in the life of a pioneer. They play games, make food, visit a home, use tools, and etc. just like the pioneers did!
The kiddos love it and learn so much throughout the day!
Many students even dress the part.

KD had so much fun and I must say she is quite a cUtE pioneer!

Kaylie Beth and Katherine
Pioneer Day
Overstreet, 2010

sassy and her black-eye!

it looked terrible, scared us to death, and we don't want one ever again!

miss priss fell at Baytowne in Destin on the playground.
I heard her scream and knew it was bad! When I saw it for the first time with in seconds it was already a goose egg!
the scene was not pretty her screaming, me crying, and certain she had broken her face.
Well, lots of ice and tylenol later she was on the mend.

Yes, the black eye is still there but is looking better each day!

sOmEbOdY is a sWiMmEr!

that is right, Watkins can swim!
let me bRaG too - he can swim on top of the water and under the water!!!
thanks to Savannah for the fabulous crash course in swimming lessons before we left for the beach.

miss priss took the lessons too, and I would have to say she did much better than last year.
I just can't call "sassy" a swimmer yet!

Savannah resulted in just calling her sassy because she said the name just fit!

Watkins says, "Yep, swimming like a fish, momma! Momma, wAtCh!"

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

where, oh, where have we been ?!?

Well, the Dumas clan has been bUsY to stay the least, BUT has
been lOvINg summer to its FULLEST!

I think this is the llllllloooooooonnngggggest I have ever gone without blogging, so I have lOtS
to share. Hope you enjoy your sneak peak!
More details to come.........
things that have been happening -
- piano recital
- pioneer day
- KD's class play
-KD's B-day
- Anniversary #11
- LOTS of sWiMmINg!
- a special fire station visit
- a BIG black eye!
- the State Cup
- the BEACH
- chore catch up!
- errands, errands, errands!
- registering for the big KINDERGARTEN!
- AND relaxing!

pictures galore to come!

yAy 4 summer 2010!