Wednesday, June 9, 2010

where, oh, where have we been ?!?

Well, the Dumas clan has been bUsY to stay the least, BUT has
been lOvINg summer to its FULLEST!

I think this is the llllllloooooooonnngggggest I have ever gone without blogging, so I have lOtS
to share. Hope you enjoy your sneak peak!
More details to come.........
things that have been happening -
- piano recital
- pioneer day
- KD's class play
-KD's B-day
- Anniversary #11
- LOTS of sWiMmINg!
- a special fire station visit
- a BIG black eye!
- the State Cup
- the BEACH
- chore catch up!
- errands, errands, errands!
- registering for the big KINDERGARTEN!
- AND relaxing!

pictures galore to come!

yAy 4 summer 2010!

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