Sunday, May 31, 2009

LJ Returns and Anniversary Success

Saturday morning after a quick run to the farmer's market, I headed to Oxford to pick up our big girl from camp. I am not that good with directions - even though JD wrote them down and drew a little map, I still managed to get turned around. I was 15 minutes late to pick her up, and I was in a slight panic. I called friends, who managed to get there on time, to tell our sweet girl, "Momma is coming!"
I saw her, she ran to me, and then gave me the BEST hug I have had in a long time! She had a blast, but was happy to her momma!
All packed up and ready to go home!
Showing off her art - a kite.
Best Parts of Camp
#2 arts and crafts
#3 "Not spending all my money!" LJ saying proudly.
(a little miss frugal on our hands? daddy proud for sure!)
LJ safe and sound in our car ready to head back to Starkvegas.
Camp Lake Stephens took good care of our baby and gave her lots of fun memories that I am sure will last her a lifetime, so good-bye Camp Lake Stephens and we will see you again next year!
Thank you sweet Viv and Annelise for making the trek to Oxford with me!
Don't know if I would have made it there without you two!
A fun road trip.
You are the sweetest!
Anniversary Success!

I surprised JD and took the kids to Ludlow to my parents' house, so we could have a little time quiet time alone. (Especially QUIET- with the kids and our beloved neighbors gone, what were we going to do?) Well, we headed out for a nice dinner and movie. The dinner was good from Richey's, but the movie was a no go because I could not even keep my eyes open on the way to the theater. Saturday Viv was to the rescue again (twice), she took LJ home with her so JD and I could go to a wedding, politic, and have one more nice dinner alone. We headed to Harvey's for dinner and were able to catch up and actually finish whole conversations! I thought it was a success and a very nice dinner, but maybe our waiter thought different. I think he was a bit confused by us because when it was time to go he asked, "This bill is separate?" Funny, huh?
JD and I laughed, I am sure me - a bit to loud.
We have had a nice quiet weekend and are about to head to Ludlow for church, dinner on the grounds, and lots of hugs and kisses from our kiddos who we can't wait to see!

Friday, May 29, 2009

10 years ago today......

I married my sweet one and only - Jeremiah.
I can't believe it was been 10 years ago. Oh, how time flies!
Our Wedding Day
Our Family
10 years later!
In fact, it seems not to long ago I was in 7th grade and JD in 8th grade and we decided to be boyfriend/girlfriend. Lots of memories for sure!
From cheering JD on as he played football/baseball, to our official first date to Hattisburg, to the day we moved JD in the freshman dorms at MSU, to the day we got married, to welcoming our first baby girl - Lawson Joy, to our second baby girl - Katherine, graduating college together, to having our sweet babies - Phelps and Watkins, and to just living life day to day with the one who is perfect for me!
I love you - Jeremiah - LOTS!
I am proud of the who you have become and the life we have built together.
Thank you for being my husband.
Happy 10th Anniversary!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lawson Joy goes to camp!

Camper Lawson Joy
Camp Lake Stephens
Cabin #10
Her address for the week!
Cabin Leader Holly and LJ
Lawson Joy and Katherine
Yes, they are dressed alike. First time in years!
I love it!
Jeremiah even commented on it, and they just made an annoying noise in response.

Bonner, Lawson Joy, Cameron, Mari Hunter
Friends at Camp
LJ is not in the same cabin, but the same building. I am sure she made lots of new friends.
We can't wait to hear all about it.
Walking to her cabin after saying good-bye to us!
I know she has been having a blast!
Katherine has been missing her big sis, and it has been a little quieter around here, for sure!
We will be there at 10 a.m. sharp to pick her up on Saturday!
Missing you sweet girl!

Summer Fun!

Having some backyard summer fun in the sun!
Prepared for swimming and rain.
Splishing and a Splashing!
Showing off his tricks.
Hot stuff in the pool!
The moms enjoyed the summer fun to!
Thanks Viv for inviting us over.


Starting the day off with a little singing and Sister Shubert's sausage and cinnamon rolls.
And presents, too! A big smile for "High School Musical 3"! Happy Birthday Mexican Style! the clan after a good lunch
Finishing the day off with a pink cupcake and Oby's! Check out those nails! Finishing up celebrating and trying to get the perfect shot of the kiddo clan.
The Bowling Party
The Birthday Girl. Make a wish.
Happy Birthday to Katherine!
Miss Phelps getting her game on!
Lots of Bowlers!
Little Brother Section Having fun bowling.
Watkins and Ashleigh smiling for the camera. We had a great time celebrating Katherine's birthday!
Phelps asked, "How many birthdays does Katheirne have?"

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Our Brown-eyed Girl Turns 8!

Happy Birthday - KATHERINE!
Yes, Katherine has turned 8. It is very hard to believe.

Where does the time go?

I remember -

1 - the day she was born when I looked at her with all that dark hair, dark skin, and thought what a beautiful baby!

2 - how when LJ arrived to see her all LJ could say is "look at my sister baby"!

3 - that I always had to go feed her at lunch until she was 1 because she absolutly refused to take a bottle

4 - when I picked her up from preschool she would be clean, just liked I left her that morning, sitting in the teacher's lap smiling and loving it

5 - how she denied that I was pregnant with twins and refused to wear her big sister t-shirt to the hospital, but then put it on when she got dirty

6 - how I would have never made it in Santa Fe when the twins were just babies without my special helper

7 - how when she was 4 she would ask me a million times if she were dirty or wet

7 - how she cried and cried her first day of kindergarten, but then fell in love with big school and her teacher

8 - watching her in countless soccer, gymnastics, ballet, softball, girl scouts events and her never missing a beat without her BIG smile

The list could go on and on, but most important we have loved watching you grow and become the sweet Katherine you are today! We love you - sweet girl! And wish you many, many more HAPPY BIRTHDAYS!

Friday, May 22, 2009

School is out for the SUMMER!!!!

Here are my little 3rd graders from this year and what a year! A smart group for sure, and we made many great memories this year.
I am so excited that summer is finally here! I LOVE BEING A TEACHER, there are many reasons - but I have to say having the summer off is a major BONUS.
The pool is calling the Dumases name for sure! I am really ready for some downtime.
I have to say I am a little sad that some of MY BEST BUDDIES will not be returning to Overstreet.
I love you guys, and I am sure we will keep each other informed of all our event happenings.
So here is too another school year down, and to the being of
SUMMER 09!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lots of rain!

Rain, rain, go away.
So we can play,
in the puddles today!
Annelise and the yellow boots. Too cute!
Phleps and Lily splishing and a splashing!
Watkins - Jump, Jump!
Lily, Lawson Joy and the scooter coming through!
Is this a special talent?
Love this cartwheel LJ!
Puddles had been splashed, so these girls moved on in to get cleaned up and pretty with make-up.
Let's call them the "Blue Ladies"!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Fox Bay in May or Dumasfest? I don't know what to call it, BUT for sure a CELEBRATION!

We traveled to Brandon this weekend to Russ and Cindy's house for a CELEBRATION!
We were celebrating Marganie's - NO MORE CHEMO and Russell's - GRADUATION!
Sweet Marganie was diagnosed with leukemia about 2 1/2 years, now is in remission, and has finished all her CHEMO! Russell is graduating for Northwest Rankin High School with honors, and we are proud to say he will become a MSU Bulldog in August!
John Polk, Russ, Marganie, Cindy, Camille, Russell
And boy does this family know how to throw a party! There was a petting zoo, pony rides, DJ, Mexican food, crawfish, hot dogs, hamburgers, popcorn, nachos and the list goes on and on!
We had a fabulous time!
James David - quite the cowboy!
Enjoying taking care of the animals in the petting zoo.
Watkins just looking at the animals!
Don't want to get to close.
Russ enjoying some crawfish!
Charley, Marianne, Russ, Rob
Good Friends + Good Food = GOOD TIMES!
Russ, Jeremiah, Daddio, Irene, John Dale, Sorena
The original - Dumas 5! These 5 turned into 10 when they all got married and then into 27! That is including 17 grandchildren!
It is not often all these brothers and sisters get together, usually twice a year. This was a for sure reason to get together. Although, we were all really missing Grandy. Hope you get to feeling better!
Katherine, Anne Watkins, Watkins, Lawson Joy, Stella, Phelps
No, the double use of Watkins not a typo, we just really liked the name, too!
A BIG thank you to Sorena for letting us all pile up at your house for the night.
I know all the cousins had a fun slumber party, and I am sure there was no giggling!
Not pictured - Onsby
(She was already playing soccer in the rain. Go Brandon!)
We loved Fox Bay in May!
(that is what we want to call it)
Can we make it an annual event?

Monday, May 18, 2009

Splish, Splash! Summer Soon!

We were able to have our first swim of the season. Thanks to the Carson Family for inviting us over on Friday afternoon for a much need dip in the pool and grilling by the poolside.
Lawson Joy, the first to dive in, gave the pool fun a thumbs up!
Phelps testing the water first.
The water passed the test so in she went!
Watkins was sure the water was just right so he jumped right in!
Ben even had "Spider-Man" flippers for Watkins to use, and they were a hit!
"They make me swim faster, Momma. I need some of them," Watkins persuading.
A "tee-tee break" in the yard, at least you know he does not go in the pool!

Ellen and Watkins
Yes, Watkins loves pretty girls!

Watkins, Ellen, and Phelps
Pool Fun!
Ben, Lawson Joy, and Ellen
The Spread
Yum, Yum! Hummus/pita chips and carrots/dip!
Thank goodness summer is almost here. 3 days and counting................

(Note -Miss Kathrine did not join us on our first dip because she was with her beloved Mrs. Spears. I am sure being spoiled.)