Monday, April 16, 2012

Confirmation Sunday

 Lawson Joy was confirmed in the church Sunday.  We celebrated with an 
excellent lunch made by the husband...ham, green beans, butter beans, potato casserole, and homemade mac and cheese.  Yum!  

 this is what I usually get when I ask my four to smile for the camera.
 our parents and the guest of honor

Friday, April 13, 2012

Fairy Tale Ball

Phelps and Watkins attended the Fairy Tale Ball at Sudduth - a
kindergarten tradition.
Its seems like Phelps might have been a tad bit more excited than her brother. 
The bow tie might have done it for him, but I did let him win one battle.
all smiles, at the ball with his buddies
my little man lOvEs to dance!
one of his specialty moves
There were many sweet princesses at the Ball.
That battle I mentioned he won, here it is.....
the black Air-Jordans are his.
He assured me they were in style and perfect to wear to the dance. 

the story goes like this...

 there were 9 cousins having a little dip in Daddio and Grandy's pond, with a little paddle 
boat riding too.
 trying to it too cold?? too hot??
then it was decided nope and nope. 
Just rIgHt!
 paddle boat riding and suntanning at its finest.
The fun had began.
Jumping contests,
 with swimming, relaxing, laughing, and smiling
 UNTIL an unwanted guest and friend was spotted....
a SNAKE!  Yikes.

The End.

Easter Sunday bEsT.

 I really get all warm and fuzzy on the inside Easter weekend, I think maybe as much
as I do on Christmas morning.
I like traditions - I really do, and Easter in Prentiss with a crawfish boil, lots of cousins, pond swimming, golf cart riding, hiding eggs, the Easter bunny and time with our family is one tradition that is my favorite!
They just look so sweet and so grown up.  
 Watkins is not the most enthusiastic picture poser, but Phelps looks like
she is learning a few tricks.
 our brown eyed girl
 almost 13, my sweet and head strong big girl
 just the sisters
 the 6 of us!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

egg fUn!

 Dumas kiddos had a fun Easter Weekend dying eggs,
 hunting eggs, 
smiling with eggs,
 posing with eggs,
 playing with eggs,
and just thinking about eggs!

I wonder why this momma got not one picture of LJ with eggs??