Wednesday, March 31, 2010

wordless wednesday

Easter 2009
oh, we have grown!

and this is how you can hunt

fast, fast as you can,
OR very carefully,
(getting only girl colors, of course)
OR you can always stop and
do a taste of what is inside,

OR for some reason you have decided you are to BiG,
you can always help a little cutie!

FUMC Easter Egg Hunt 2010

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


to take a picture with the easter bunny.

imagine that.
although they did agree to the above sweet picture.

watkins really liked him, though!

but informed me he wasn't real because he had on shoes. ha!

after will evans (boy by wat in below pic) told him that.

Phelps, Jenna, Will Evans, Watkins

Phelps took a picture with the easter bunny too, but only if momma would.
yes, i know my bangs are in my eyes.

and for phelps, well, i would call that a nervous smile for sure.

with this face

how could you say no?

sweet AnD smart

a BIG shout out to KD for making STRAIGHT A's and getting
her class "citizenship" award this nine weeks!

here she is at the school awards program getting her awards.

her teacher is mrs. platt (behind the podium) and her principal mrs.shea presenting her with award.

despite her facial expression here as she is leaving the stage.....

she was quite proud of herself!

and her momma and daddy were too.

WAY 2 GO - KD!

Monday, March 29, 2010

look alikes???

love this picture of these two buddies!

mr. bill came and ate ribs, grilled veggies, potato salad(i think he skipped this), baked beans, and homemade rolls on Saturday night.

yum! thanks to JD.

we are all SO glad Mr. Bill is on the mend.

it was too quiet around the house without him stopping by.

not that mr. bill is loud, but he has a way with watkins that gets him all excited.

watkins is really ready to tie him up with his cowboy rope.

don't worry we haven't let him - yet!

the hulk bunny

here he is "mr. hulk bunny."

a little holiday mix-up.

our little man insisted on wearing his hulk costume to the easter egg hunt on saturday.

too cute!!

i did make him compromise.

he had to wear what I wanted him to underneath the costume.

he had a good time riding his bike with his football basket in tow to the egg hunt.

well - until his little fender bender with the curb, while going to fast down the hill.

glad mrs. jane had band-aids at the hunt to make that feel alot better.

Friday, March 26, 2010

fridays are fLiPpInG !

don't you agree???

the dumas clan is looking forward to our weekend.

there are several things on the agenda like.......

- washing clothes (loads and loads)

- tennis!

- an Easter egg hunt! we will be practicing our skills today. so WATCH out!

- daddy has a speaking engagement. imagine that! :)

- a stop by my favorite friday place with my school girls. it has changed a little. anxious to check it out.

- yard work. yes, I help.

- some card playing with the neighbors.

- pallet party. of course!

- daddy said he is cooking RIBS! yum. yum.

- church. Palm Sunday! we will try to be on time (keep your fingers crossed) so the kids can wave palm branches. give us a little break we go to the 8:30 a.m. service.

- pick up, straighten up, and MOP! our new baby has his way with the floors.

- a rainy Sunday. crazy I know, but I LOVE a rainy Sunday.

- and most important some good quality time together!


Thursday, March 25, 2010

g.l.a.m.o.u.r. gIrL

(p.s. yep - I am loving this new photo fixer-upper website I found!)


yes, lipstick is not one word.

but 3 separate words.


i am sure the day is coming when she realizes it is one.

she is getting BIG so fast.

they all are.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

hIdDeN talent

KD has quite a unique hidden talent.

she sometimes puts her glasses on like this.

step #1

step #2

step # 3

step #4

and that is how she gets them on!

i don't have a hidden talent.

do you ???

wordless wednesday

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

sweet smile

she is getting so big.

so you think you can dance ???

then u haven't seen our little man dance.

we have no idea where he gets this talent from.

check out his moves.

he is a mEsS !

riding in sTyLe !

over spring break these girls got a little glimpse in the life of the rich and famous to help celebrate Molli Grace's birthday!

they were VERY cool.
i am sure that limo was filled with.......

a million giggles

endless smiles

and 7 little girl
memories (and 1 little boy memory) that will last forever!

a blast was had by all.
hApPy, HaPpY birthday Molli Grace!

and even though little miss phelps did not get to ride,
she is still cool too!

Monday, March 22, 2010

more SAM

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our new baby

he is a cutie.

and yep we love him so.

i think he doesn't know what he has gotten himself into.

no he did not detest the buggy ride.

happy written all over their faces.
a boy's best friend.

walking hand and hand

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it is monday.

spring break is over.

but this picture really makes me smile.

no telling what that face is about.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

St. Patty's Day in NOLA

everybody was so excited to be NOLA especially on St. Patty's Day.

we all dressed in green, of course, and headed out in one of our favorite places.
no, Watkins did not want his pic made so this is what I got.
he did enjoy playing the guitar and jamming on the street with this band though.
we played by the river.
we could not pass up the block party at one of our favorite places in NOLA on magazine that happens to be an Irish pub.
Parasol's !
I promise it is the BEST poboy in the town!

sweet family picture
thanks to this clown and a sweet tip from dad everybody was happy with their
balloon figures.

Watkins and his sword.
Phelps thinking watch out before she realizes it isn't sharp.
and yes face painting too.
very elaborate!
momma and sweet phelps
NOLA likes parades so you know they had one to celebrate!

the kiddos caught on real fast.
beads galore, a sword, and many stuffed animals.
love this picture, but no idea why it is sideways??
yep, a great way to celebrate St. Patty's Day!