Monday, July 25, 2011

some serious boat riding.

 papa has a boat that makes big smiles across many faces.
 especially when he lets you drive!
 some of us prefer to just sun bathe, but that is okay too.
 momma and her little man.
Papa and his big girls!

fun times on the river with Papa

guess what we can do??

yep, no training wheels.

So BIG - my sweet babies!
let the good times ride and ride and ride.

this boy.

I really love this boy.

I have been telling him just that since I was 12.

Very scary! Lawson joy is 12.

This boy who mowed our grass and canned/jarred 12 jars of pepper sauce and tomato relish on Saturday with no help from me the wife.
And might I add that he grew the peppers and tomatoes himself!
He is very handy, a wonderful Chef, successful, cute, and mine.
Thank goodness!
I LOVE him.

my side of the family.

the people in the picture you are list familiar with are....
top row - my momma, aka. Granny Audie
top row - my sister, also know as, Aunt Shelby,
and front row, my daddy, or just Papa.

Now I know this picture explains a little about the looks of my kiddos, based on the light complextion and blond hair of my sister and momma.  Funny right?
My sister once said, "It is sure funny how my sister's kiddos look more like me and not their mother."
Do you think so?
Honestly, I hate to admit it, they do.  Not that it is a problem, but in Science I learned the brown eyes/hair gene is dominant.  Either I heard wrong or something amazing happened when 3 out of 4 of my kiddos are blond.

Lawson Joy is tall, really tall.  Or is it that her momma is short, quite short??

I love my family, and are thankful I have them all!

Monday, July 11, 2011

50"s pArTy!

Phelps and Watkins had a 50's celebration at school.
The momma had a blast getting them all dressed up for the occasion,
but let's just say they weren't as enthusiastic as her at the beginning......
 the ride to school
 priceless pose.
 at least they decided to look at the camera this time. :)
 and my little t-bird man, doesn't get cuter than that!
 to his momma's dismay he refused to go for the tight roll jeans. :(
 smiling in their classroom, once they realized their momma 
wasn't the only one who made their children dress this way!
popcorn, coke floats, and dancing followed.
fun school memories!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

double digits.

 our sweet, brown-eyed girl turned double digits not to long ago!
we celebrated the BIG #10 with a skating party.
hApPy bIrThDay Katherine!

lots of friends helped her celebrate....

they played games with big smiles,

of course, some limbo,

lots of skating,

an all around good time,

with lots of friends and the family!

all smiles from the birthday girl.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011