Monday, January 30, 2012

better late than never.

Annual Santa Claus Picture 2011 
Precious I do say!
My observation....LJ is so TALL!
Not to mention she does not match her siblings.
No way, was she going to wear the
outfit I chose. But you know I guess that is what happens when you are almost a teenager!
I know it seems the Dumas family may have just skipped Christmas, but
of course we didn't!  
The momma is just way behind on this blog, and really hoping to step it up.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

a black eye

no deer.
a black eye, lots of tales, and anticipation for the next deer camp weekend trip is what he brought home.
I guess the momma can get over the shiner.


Lawson Joy
  • made the JV softball team and loving it
  • getting along with her closet sister is most challenging as of late
  • nike shorts and t-shirts is still her outfit of choice
  • has learned to successfully clean the kitchen
  • is an official youth group member 
  • loves her cricut and cowgirl boots she got from Santa
  • has found a love for cheerleading (she has got the smile and facial expressions down to a "T")
  • is still a planner, organizer, and don't get in her way
  • getting along with her oldest sister is trying
  • still playing the piano
  • on cleaning the kitchen she gets an A+
  • all A's so far in 5th grade 
  • loves her gymnastics class, YAY!
  • plays babies, barbies, and school everyday
  • misses her brother during the day
  • is a "Go Fish" expert
  • just got a new kindergarten teacher 
  • loves his weekends
  • could definitely win a dance compition
  • never know what is going to come out of his mouth
  • tries to beat his sister in "Go Fish" everyday
  • is just so sweet to his twin sister, taking care of her all the time