Friday, April 30, 2010

sWiMmInG into the weekend!

and looking forward to not being all tied up for the next couple of days!!!

Thursday, April 29, 2010


i guess it is now official the babies are going to kindergarten.
they passed preschool!
time really flies, where, oh where did my babies go?
they are definitely big kids now, as phelps would say.

tuesday before the little graduation program started
i had 2 different teachers come up to me and tell
me how sweet they are and how cute they looked.
they also explained when they told watkins how nice he looked that he assured them his momma had packed him some "school clothes" and as
soon as he got his "tificate" (certificate) he needed to change!

singing the songs
getting the "tificate"
very proud!
thinking I can surely change soon!
ms. nikki, their sweet teacher

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Monday, April 26, 2010

not TOO big

to hold her daddy's hand!

(can't believe our big girl is almost 11 and heading to middle school next year! she is
turning into quite the "little miss preteen lady" and not the little girl of yesterday. where did my baby go ???)

not me , mOnDaY!

I surely did not let the little man sport this oufit in public (around the French Quarter in NOLA) consisting of his Batman PJ's and cowboy boots!
Just because that is what made him hApPy!

nope, not me!

Friday, April 23, 2010

elephants, a trapeze family, and clowns. oH mY!

where did we go???

the circus, of course!

phelps' oH mY! face.

things like this make her nervous.

the big girls and their friends had a great time.
i think their favorite part was the grown man who fit himself into a fish tank.

my thoughts - GROSS!

the babies favorite part of the whole thing.
although, phelps wanted to know what would happen if they started to run off.
who would catch them?

good question, sister!

phelps and watkins showing me their new tricks during intermission, after
watching the trapeze family.

i am sure the major bucks spent for this Sunday afternoon entertainment was not my cup of tea,
but the kiddos would definitely disagree.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

new friends.

phelps, maggie, and watkins made fast friends super bulldog weekend!

maggie's daddy (baker) and jd are best friends from college.

we were so glad they came to stay with us, and everybody loved just hanging out, catching up, and laughing.

the twins had a great time showing maggie around starkvegas, sharing their toys (especially their scooters) and food, and of course, coloring (phelps' speciality).

watkins said, "maggie is cUtE, she needs to come back!"

so baker watch out, he has got his eye on her!

seeing the future.

he loves to dance.

he loves music.

he loves playing any guitar.

i am thinking we definitely have us a little rOcKsTaR on our hands!

friday night we headed over to Jason and Naomi's for good food, friends, and music.
the band started and wat pranced on the stage to join in!
the musician did not seem to mind, and hey the crowd loved him!

our good friend Neil played at the arts festival on Saturday.

wat had no instrument, but he figured that Neil needed some help anyway.

i guess he was the body guard.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

a homerun hItTeR!

that is right! KD had her first softball game last night, and her
first time to bat she hit a HOMERUN!

i am sure the crowd went wild!

way 2 go - KD!

more shots of KD in action are sure to come, but last night i only got this picture. i hate to say it, but i missed the homerun and most of the game.
i was playing in my second tennis match of the season (or ever!), and i promise there was nothing even equivalent to homerun in that tennis match.
and there will be no action shots of me to come. promise.

serious conversation.

Monday, April 19, 2010

bowling. oR maybe just rOlLiNg!

on our monday off during easter break, I took the kiddos to lunch and bowl.

it is fun and cheap!

really cheap. $7.50 a person for lunch and 2 games of bowling.

although, we tuckered out after only one game.

LJ started out perfecting her throw (is that what you call it?), but
then went to just rolling the ball down the ball ramp.
She even was sweet and helped the babies, until they refused any help!

KD might be a natural!
I mean LOOK at that swing and form!
She even gets excited when she does good with jumps and even little cheers.
take a look at the middle picture. you can tell she is saying "YES!"
love it!

Phelps had lots of fun too.
Bowling is tough! Like making big decisions of picking just the right ball,
you know it is VERY important even during bowling the ball must coordinate with your outfit!
Well, if you have trouble waiting on your turn and you are getting bored u can always
fun. fun. FUN!

and Watkins had even more things you could do to pass time like......
dance to the music or even see how many ways you could pose and smile
for your momma!
these are surely to make you lAuGh out LOUD!

yep, we had a good time.

the sisters and the brother and ME!

and by the way, I even WON!

yes, against the very stiff competition.

not me, mOnDaY!

- being the wonderful soccer mom I am I did not do a mini cheer when I found out we would not be watching one of these all over numerous fields this weekend because a tournament was canceled. no, not me!
- how terrible it is that i witnessed a nice looking a mother buying and letting her young daughter eat one of these for her only lunch at a festival this weekend. goodness!
you would never catch me doing that.
no, not me!

- i am sorry to announce that i am not one of those few people in the world that can say they have seen all this 9 episodes of this season's "16 and pregnant episodes".
no, not me!

- i do not know that the season finale is tomorrow night, and i would never be anxiously awaiting that. sorry u are confused.
no, not me!

Friday, April 16, 2010

blasting into the weekend!

yep - that is what we are doing!
(loving blasting each other with H2o using their new super-duper soakers from Granny Audie and Papa!)

nothing but sweet smiles this weekend!
make that double smiles.


the Strikers played this past weekend in a soccer tourney in Jackson.

They had a good time, and played gReAt!

the weather was perfect!

the huddle.

sorry no action shots.

guess i was cheering to hard.

they made it to finals. played hard but lost. 2 to 1.

they took home second overall!

very nice.

waiting for their medals.

getting her medal.

our soccer gIrL!

the StRiKeRs!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

no shirt. some boots.

and oh, too cute!

ride kIdDoS ride!

my sweet daddy kept all the kiddos when JD and i had to go to
a funeral, even though my momma was sick.
He kept them at the barn for the whole morning and part of the afternoon, but keeping
them entertained was easy.

he has horses!

so they just rode and rode, as papa led them around and around for hours.

told you he is SwEeT!

having FuN!

marganie got in on the fun when she went with me to pick them up.

and on our ride she filled me in on ALL the gossip.

sweet, sweet girl!

waiting is hard.

lOOk no hands!


not one miss priss, but 2 for sure!

thanks papa for all the fun!