Thursday, April 8, 2010

highlights from hunt #4

where is hunt #3, you might ask???
no pictures from hunt #3 the hunt which was at the babies school. i could not go. sad.

but on to this hunt's highlights - The President's Hunt......

#1 the absolute cutest thing.... I over heard 2 boys talking about just
why Obama wasn't at the hunt and how rude that was,
SINCE that was his house. HA!
Sorry, Keenum, you might want to explain it to them!
#2 Henry shared his hot ride (sweet boy!), although he was sure my kiddos were NOT
safe to drive him.
#3 LJ opted to spend the night with girlfriends instead of coming with us.
she is getting TOO big!
#4 KD was sure glad Molly Beth could come with her!
#5 I have NEVER seen so many kids there ever!
#6 Note to organizers hide more eggs PLEASE next year!
#7 Phelps found only 1 egg. Note the attitude in the top picture.
#8 Watkins found 2 eggs, and was proud of that.
#9 Babies LOVED seeing lots of their friends!
#10 the day was beautiful and hot!

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