Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve Dumas Clan Style

We started the day with a "Christmas Eve Brunch" with all
our friends!
On the menu breakfast burritos and bread pudding all made by Chef JD!
Yum, yum good!

Owen, Joe, JD, and Neil
Bill and Tammy
Paige, Hope, Viv, Shannon, and Erinn
Peek-a-boo Annelise!

Then after a nice, long nap and a few Christmas movies -
we headed to church!
Phelps all ready - check out those rainboots!
Everyone waiting on our taxi (aka - Black Mini-Van) !

A few Christmas lights, dinner, and cookies for Santa later
the stockings were hung..........
"Twas the Night Before Christmas" was read and enjoyed by all.
The kiddos were tucked into bed in hopes that St. Nick would soon be there!
I think they all fell asleep by 10:45 or so.
They were SO EXCITED!

Our very own Cousin Eddie !

Yes, I was escorted by my very own Clark Griswald
to the Winston's Annual Christmas Party
NO others are dressed up , wondering WHY?
Well, that is because JD is the only one who finds a way to dress that
causes everyone to laugh!
Don't know what he will come up with next year, but I am not sure if he can top this attire!

Go Tell It on the Mountain

was the title of the song KD played in her Christmas piano recital.
She did a fabulous job, even though she was VERY nervous!
After she finished playing her duet with her teacher LJ announced,
"That was impressive!"
So there you have it - she did GREAT!
KD and her sweet piano teacher Mrs. Adrianne

Thursday, December 24, 2009

and the stockings were hung

on our new island with care!

But not without a few kisses,

lots of smiles,

and giggles !

We are just loving watching these kiddos enjoy Christmas to the fullest!


christmas card confession

well people, here is our Christmas card .........
I am sorry to say our Christmas cards will not be sent. It is now Christmas Eve, and they have not been printed, stuffed, sealed or addressed!
I guess the MOVE (#1 issue), Christmas parties galore, programs, shopping, cooking, and gifts just got in the way!
I love all the Christmas cards we have received and am SO SORRY this will be the only showing of the Dumas Clan card.
PLEASE don't knock me off your list and next year,
I am SURE life will not be as crazy as this holiday season has turned out to be
and I will not fail at this Christmas duty again!

JD did a great job on this card and you might be receiving one like this in the mail next year!

Friday, December 18, 2009

remember this ?!?!

of course - Morgan's NEW friends.......
Mr. Bill's B-day !!!
Mr. Bill had a "Madidi Themed" Christmas party for the gang.
The food was GOOD, the party was NICE, and the time spent with this
group was PRICELESS!

He even had presents for us all!!!
It came wrapped in these envelopes
Remember this pose?????
and the present - these cute t-shirts!!!
Thank you Mr. Bill for the party, your friendship, the many laughs,
for loving our family, and MOST importantly
for helping keep that special someone of mine in line!!!

We LOVE you!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

these make me laugh

and there was the cutest dalmation, baby, angel, and king........

EVER - I am sure of it!
The kiddos did a fabulous job in the church Christmas program!
I loved watching and hearing them sing, and I sniffled all the way through.
So cute, so sweet, I LOVE them!

Dalmation LJ
check out that make-up!
I can't take credit.
Angel Baby KD
I failed at getting an indidvidual shot of her. :(
too cute!
Angel Phelps
She LOVED it!
What can I say? We have a performer on our hands!
King Watkins
LOVE the beard!
Not a performer-
I am afraid to say.
He was NOT happy!
the kiddos LOVED seeing all their friends dressed up too!

Mair Hunter and LJ

Kaylie Beth, KD, Molly Beth, and Maggie
Phelps and Anna Karen
Here they all are in the spotlight..........
The Cast
told you they were precious!
Their Fan Club

Ash and Jer
Granny Audie and Papa
Thanks for making the quick trip!

Just can't stop looking at these pics of all my kiddos so big and loving every part of Christmas!

It is going to be a happy, happy Christmas 2009!

a little late but

jd planned a fun filled afternoon on my birthday with my friends.
I had no idea.
we had a blast at dandy doodlez - I picked out what I liked and everybody painted something for me.
it was great!
then jd cooked a very nice meal, and we topped the night off with my favorite game -
I love you guys - you are all the SWEETEST!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

everybody agrees

that Santa is NICE!
They all loved telling Santa just what they needed for Christmas!
I love this picture, but.........
I have to admit - it means my babies are really growing up because
no one started crying or was the least bit scared to jump on this
jolly fellow's lap!

Phelps and Watkins had to hop back on for a few more minutes -
they could not get enough of Santa!
Ansley, Karis and Phelps

Phelps was really happy to see 2 of her best buddies there seeing Santa, too!


As many of you know, Melisa ended her battle with cancer yesterday.
I ask you to remember Boo and Aiden as they deal with the loss of their beautiful wife and mother.
Boo's words are really a testimony for his faithfulness and love for his Heavenly Father.
I encourage you to read his blog about Melisa at
His words have been very so very inspiring to me

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Program #1

was a success!
Watkins and Phelps have been so excited for weeks!
Phelps has been practicing her songs over and over again,
all while our little man watched and listened!

Getting ready to sing...........

(I was a little disappointed that these tall kiddos were in front of my
height challenged ones!)
It is always so fun to watch a group of kiddos perform.
One of MY FAVORITE parts of Christmas!

Waving at his fans!
(please - tell Wat next time you see him you LOVED the red sweater!
he thought I was the meanest ever for making him wear it!)
Zebra Class - 2009
Watkins' BEST friend - Tonner
p.s. thank you, thank you, thank you - to Conner's parents for dressing him in a sweater for the program! Or else I am SURE Wat would have NEVER even entered the building!
Watkins, Mrs. Nikki (Head Zebra), and Phelps