Tuesday, December 8, 2009

thoughts, tears, and thankful

This morning I woke up trying not to let myself go over the edge thinking about my to do list.
If you know me real well you probably aren't surprised you can count on one hand how many gifts I have bought, and because of our current remodeling NOT ONE Christmas decoration is up! Goodness!
Yesterday, I was told the move this weekend is a no go! I am sure JD was crossing his fingers that the melt down did not begin.
Needless to say - between our normal running around with the kiddos, Christmas gifts and parties, finding babysitters, planning a pack up and a move, school and jobs this morning I was just praying for patience and that I could hold it together.
I headed to school with the big girls fussing at LJ for not knowing all her states/capitals, all while calling out multiplication facts to KD.
Finally at school, I took the ritual "my moment" of a diet pepsi with ice and email/blog checking.
I began reading the blog of the Matthew Family - Boo, Melisa, and Aiden.
(Melisa and Aiden are pictured above.)
Boo and Melisa are a GREAT asset and blessing to the Starkville Community and FUMC. You probably wouldn't find many people in Starkville who don't know them because of all the things they do for our town and church we all love.
Boo and Melisa adopted Aiden as an infant, and I have watched their eyes sparkle ever since.
They are a loving family, and we all are blessed that know them.
Melisa has been battling cancer for some time now and her days are numbered.
Please read Boo's post from yesterday.......
I began reading this post and tears began to fall, this truly has put my
selfishness of today in perspective!
PLEASE - lift this family up in your prayers today.
I am SO thankful for my loving husband, 4 healthy kiddos, a blessed Christmas season,
a like new house, and the many things I take for granted that God blesses me with each and every day!
say prayer for them.....

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