Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Program #1

was a success!
Watkins and Phelps have been so excited for weeks!
Phelps has been practicing her songs over and over again,
all while our little man watched and listened!

Getting ready to sing...........

(I was a little disappointed that these tall kiddos were in front of my
height challenged ones!)
It is always so fun to watch a group of kiddos perform.
One of MY FAVORITE parts of Christmas!

Waving at his fans!
(please - tell Wat next time you see him you LOVED the red sweater!
he thought I was the meanest ever for making him wear it!)
Zebra Class - 2009
Watkins' BEST friend - Tonner
p.s. thank you, thank you, thank you - to Conner's parents for dressing him in a sweater for the program! Or else I am SURE Wat would have NEVER even entered the building!
Watkins, Mrs. Nikki (Head Zebra), and Phelps

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