Friday, July 31, 2009

very sick to much, much BETTER

Right after I made the last post, JD called to say they had decided to transfer Watkins to UMC in Jackson - in an ambulance.
My heart sank.
I called Viv, she rushed over, and I went to say a quick good-bye to our little man. JD rode with Watkins in the ambulance and I went home threw clothes in a bag, loaded the girls, and took off on the LONGEST ride ever.
Here at UMC, they have taken excellent care of out little man. They have talked of maybe considering asthma, but for sure he now has his second case of pnuemonia this year.
They are very concerned about this and are doing several tests to figure this piece of the puzzle out.
He is MUCH better.
Keep praying for our little man.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

a sick boy

Please say a prayer for our little man.
JD took him to the ER tonight because he was running fever and having trouble getting a deep breath. We have experienced this earlier in the year, when he had pneumonia and was in the hospital for 5 days.
In the ER they put him on oxygen, gave him an IV, and have done an x-ray. The chest x-ray has a little spot on it, but not enough to be called pneumonia. They have done a RSV swab and we are waiting on the results, in the mean time they have gone ahead and admitted him to the hospital.
Him feeling bad all just occurred this afternoon, considering he went swimming and skating today and did not act like a thing was wrong.
Please pray that we find out what is wrong with our little man, and that we can get him feeling better soon.
I am at home with all the other kiddos while they sleep, and I am worrying.
I will keep you updated.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Not a new dance move, but "Jumping G's"!
Thank you Jumping G's for keeping this crew having fun for 2 hours on a not so sunny Sunday afternoon.
We are all bummed our last week of summer is not so sunny.
I hope I can figure out something to keep all these kiddos occupied.

bet MSU fan club wishes

they could get the girl who painted these sweet faces to paint at the football games!
look at that detail, and no that is not a tatoo.
football season - i am looking forward to you.

matching hippies?

we can pretend, right?
not a care would be nice for a few days.

Watkins said, " This is the best........

ride ever. Need one of those momma!"
Phelps might think different.
Thanks for the ride, Carley.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

my momma is sweet but..........

this chocolate is sweeter!

I was making brownies and left the kitchen for a minute, returned, and found this little girl enjoying licking the bowl!!! She thought she was in trouble, but this momma let the baby girl enjoy all she wanted.
Who doesn't enjoy licking the bowl?

Saturday, July 25, 2009

These Nerdy Girls and Superhero Boy.......

are ready for school to start. Can you believe it?
I guess this momma is no longer good enough entertainment, nor can come up with good enough suggestions to keep this crew occupied.
We were at FUMC where the twins go to school and Phelps said,
"Momma, when are you going to bring me back to this place for school? I need to come back, it's time. Wat and me want to play with our friends."
So there you have it, the babies are ready!
There is a sign that I always take that summer is coming to a close, when I tell the kids to load up we are going to the pool and they all want to know just how long they have to swim.
This momma is not completely ready for summer to end, but I do love that first few days of school excitement.
School will start 2 weeks from 2 days ago.
Got that?

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Double DIgits!

Lawson Joy turned 10 today!
Happy, happy birthday to our big girl!
I can't believe it has been 10 years since Lawson Joy entered our life. Her name "Lawson Joy" explains her to a tee! She has been nothing but joy in our life since the day she was born. I remember it like it was yesterday! She was the absolute best baby, I promise! She would ride for hours in the car, smile even when she was hungry or wet, play all by herself while momma did her school work, sat through endless hot or cold football games week after week without fussing a bit! She has turned out to be the most independent little girl around! What can I say but she is the best all around kid anyone could ask for! She loves her many roles and is good at all of them! To name a few - soccer player, girl scout, piano player, softball player, choir singer, friend, daughter, sister, and grandaughter!
We love you big girl! You make us proud!
Happy Big 10!
I did not catch her blowing out the candles.
I guess she has gotten good at it after 10 years!
All the kiddos By the way, she is stitch free!

The Coast 09

We had a blast at the MML convention on the coast! I had a couple of relaxing days by the pool all by myself, and a couple of nights out with JD. Then our plans changed a little when the kiddos called and seemed to really miss us, so I headed up to Prentiss to pick them up and rushed back so we could enjoy the pool. As you will see that is where we spent our days - POOLSIDE! Acting silly and just enjoying soaking up some rays! Everybody joined in the fun late in the afternoon! We had fun competitions and some of us showed off some tricks!

The Dumas kiddos had a blast and even had the energy to show a few moves on the dance floor.
LJ was such a good babysitter, when everybody got tired! She stayed up in the room with all her little siblings for a small price, so mom and dad could stay out a little later! Thanks, LJ!
We had a great time and can't wait until next year!

Happy B-Day Anelise!

Analise has turned the BIG 2!
We celebrated the occassion with a little splishing-n-splashing and jumping!
Happy b-day little cutie!
Check out her new ride!
a Dora bike
Watkins resting from the jumping!
Phelps having fun sliding off the jumper.
These two always stick together!
Goofing around in the pool!
We enjoyed the good food Brian, and the cake was precious Viv!
The fam had a great time celebrating with you guys!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Our Babes and Dude

Playing in Prentiss

Our kiddos love going to visit Grandy and Daddio in Prentiss. Of course, they do!
A swimming pool, pond, golf cart, lots of yard, Grandy's good food, and tons of cousins always make it a blast! We went through Prentiss on our way to the coast to drop the kids off for a few days. They had to go swimming right away, so we headed poolside to watch them splash around.
Daddy took a the ground! Take a look.
A good laugh!
Watkins and James David kept the bad guys away so all could enjoy the water.

Katherine and Lacy putting on some shows.
Swimming "in sync"
Phelps taking it all in.
Lawson Joy was a good sport, even though she could not swim.
Doctor's orders!
She was the judge to the many ways Katherine jumped off the diving board.
How many different ways can you jump off the board???
Belly Flop
Knees to Chest
Diving through the Ring
Very talented!
a toe-touch
a cartwheel
She kept us entertained!
Watkins joined in the fun!
First ever jump off the board!
If they get tired of swimming, they are always in for a game of baseball!
They were so cute hitting the ball, running the bases, and yelling homerun!
James David has it down!
The stance and all - a future ball player, no doubt!
And then there is football!
Look at our little muscle men! All that playing requires a bath, and what better way than to throw them in the tub all together!
The soon to be clean Dumas 3!
We love going to play at Grandy and Daddio's!