Wednesday, September 30, 2009


Oh, My Goodness! #1
bulldogs just didn't get it done!
played hard needed just a few more inches............

Oh, My Goodness! #2
cute boys and good peanuts
What more could you ask for?

Oh, My Goodness! #3
fabulous food at the tailgate every week!
(mighty nice looking cook, too!)
Oh, My Goodness! #4
cute girls with appetites!
Oh, My Goodness! #5
he even came by!!
love you - Lee
Oh, My Goodness! #6
politics too????
Oh, My Goodness! #7
"Ring Around the Rosey" bulldog style!

Oh, My Goodness! #9
bulldogs and buddies for life!
Oh, My Goodness! #10
what could be any cuter???
Oh, My Goodness! #10
she plays football too!!
Oh, My Goodness! #11
these are the adult feet at the tailgate!
praying for sunshine for Saturday..........
OH - MY GOODNESS! #12-#99!!!!!!
slipping and sliding MUD STYLE!
memories made that will last a lifetime.
Oh, My Goodness! #100
no better friends than this EVER!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

bulldog bash

It is Dumas family tradition that we always go to the "pep-a-rally" before bulldog bash.
The girls loved it, and Watkins had the best time hanging with Bully!

I tried to get a group shot with bully, and I almost did
but somebody would not get close.
She would rather just watch.
I did get this little shot by the fountain.
We love our dawgs!

We headed to Mr. Bill's for a nice dinner catered by Little Doey's, played with the animals, and then enjoyed watching the mass crowds walk by.
Thank you to Parker and Lindsey for letting us bring the kids to see off the balcony, all we all could say was WOW!
We had a blast celebrating Bulldog Bash '09!

Friday, September 25, 2009

soccer player #4

Watkins had his first soccer game this week.
He was little nervous because he was convinced only GIRLS play soccer.
Can you blame him? He has been to more soccer games than the average American to watch his sisters play.
He asked, "Did my daddy play soccer?" My answer, "No, sweet baby he didn't because we did not have soccer in Prentiss." His response, "Then I am not playing either, only GIRLS play soccer."
Thankfully Mason and Holloway showed up, and then his soccer spirit did to!
Daddy was at a meeting, and I was a little worried he wasn't going to play.
But he did, and LOVED it!
So here he is the Dumas soccer player #4!!

the huddle
He was ready because it was his turn to kick off!
Then his friend really wanted to kick it off too, so he pushed him!
I am proud to say Watkins just kept playing!
He is TOUGH!
Kicking that ball!
Told you he liked it.
more action
Soccer Boy
Watkins' cheerleaders
Mr. Bill and Phelps

Katherine NEVER took her eyes off of him.
Daddy texted alot to make sure his breathing was good, and I glad to report it was perfect.
the supporters
his sweet sister

their names

it is official.
our little man is a writer............

working hard
very proud!
the finished product!
frontwards and backwards
I had no idea he could do this.
He is all boy and has never had interest in things like writing his name.
Little man came home from school asked for paper and a marker, and then this is what he brought me.
We are so PROUD!
Little Miss writes her name like this, but I have to tell you.........
She will only write the Ph___lps and you have to fill in the "e" because she can't make it perfect!
I have suggested that she make a capital "E" but she is quick to inform me that did not match the other letters! Ha.
That is her, just like her sister, Katherine.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

we love our new books

Mr. Bill brought over Phelps and Watkins a happy.
They opened the presents and both were so excited to get 2 new books.
You know they had to have Mr.Bill read them right away.
Watkins loved the story Mr. Bill was telling, but
Phelps caught on quick that he was not reading the words out of the book
BUT making up a story.

She had NO problem telling him about either.
You have to like a girl who speaks her mind!
Mr. Bill knows our daddy because the title of Phelps' book is
"Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?".
Love it!
Thank you, Mr. Bill, for the books and for supper last night.
(next time by 3)