Friday, February 26, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010


a few numbers of Dumas Clan life

252 miles - we travel to watch and play soccer this weekend (LJ)

150 minutes - Watkins watches his favorite cartoon "Curious George" a week

15 dollars - the copay I pay at the doctor for a visit and how much I paid for our Subway supper last night

11 prescriptions - filled this month

8 a.m. - 2 days in a row we will be watching soccer this weekend

7 days a week - Phelps complains and yells to the clothes I pick out, "Those clothes are stinky!"
She has a mind of her own!

6 visits - to doctor this month alone

5 soccer games (at least) - we have and will watch this week

2 home cooked meals - the fam will have this week

1 kiddo - that is completely healthy at the moment (KD)

0 nights - our daddy has been gone this week :)

TOO MUCH TO COUNT - how thankful I am for my sweet fam and how much I love them!

We are keeping our fingers crossed with the end of February we will see the end of the epidemic of sickness and funk in the Dumas house hold!
a mess!

Monday, February 22, 2010

you name it.......

he did it !

JD was quite the busy man this weekend!

I started feeling kinda lousy Thursday night when we were at a dinner, but was sure it was because I was tired. WRONG!
Friday morning worse, but went to school anyway. BARELY, made it.
I left at 2:30 and began my next 48 hours in bed.
SYMPTOMS - fever, throat/neck hurting badly
Dr. Hope diagnosed herself with strep.
Then thankfully had a father-in-law who could get some antibiotics for her.
Saturday I thought the end was near!

JD took care of everything - I was impressed!
- supper Friday night (breakfast)
- cleaned the kitchen (yes- I noticed!)
- family game night
- pallet party pile up with the kiddos
- drop off LJ
- grocery store
- yard work
- pick up LJ
- pick up and deliver boston butts
- pick up meds for wife
- nice supper for the family Saturday night (YUM!!)
- went to church
-taught Sunday school
- out to lunch with kids
this was some of the stuff I know he accomplished.....

He let me rest, kept the kiddos away, and I watched more t.v. in that 48 hours then I have the whole year!
Thanks JD for being the mom/dad, maid, server, nurse, chauffeur, teacher, and yard boy!

All without complaining - you are SWEET!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

cowboy concentration

so, sweet!

she is a doll!

made me remember why I love a baby so!

Emma Jade Thompson
6 lbs. 12.8 oz.
19 inches long

Juan (the BEST babysitter in the world, I PROMISE!)
had her baby Monday night.

JD got to hold her first. :(
He called and told me all the details, and I couldn't wait to get my hands on her!
She is precious!

Juan will make the BEST mother, no doubt!
She has had LOTS of practice!


Monday, February 15, 2010

oh, when the Saints came rolling in...........

is what JD and the celebrators at my house kept saying.
So I took that as an excuse-
yes to miss work and yes for our kiddos to miss school for a couple of days!!

NOLA road trip it was!
JD, me, Ashleigh, Grandy, and Mr. Bill headed in the van bright and early Tuesday morning!
All to see the "Saints come rolling In" with that trophy!

early in the day outside JD's parents apartment in the quarter
love, love that place!
took lots of pics throughout the day....
mostly just shots of us.
fun is seen on each and every face, i would say.

Jackson Sqaure
waiting for the parade started early and here
all I can say -

then across the street against this rail.
we starting waiting about 3.

the parade got to us about 7.
we had front row seats, no seats really, just standing room.
floods of pictures to follow

we had fun taking pictures before the parade the camera died shortly after
the parade started.
here's what we got.......
We saw all the SAINTS including Drew Brees up close!


It was great - I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Kiddos were a little upset they could not go, but Granny Audie and Papa were good
to them so I think they forgave us.

JD only thought we were going to be kid free, but that didn't last long.
I ended up holding some little three year old boy the entire parade because I felt real guilty for almost knocking over his momma over while she was standing in a chair holding him.
I volunteered to hold him so he could see.
Who would have thought she would have just passed him several rows over to a stranger?
Me and little David Butler got to be real close. I even gave him the only bead I caught.
He liked it.
I have to say he had been to many parades before and had many tips for me.
He even knew most of the players names and told me all about them as I wiped his runny nose.
He was a cutie.

fun, fUn, FUN was had by all!
thank you - SAINTS!

all my Valentines.......

from the youngest to the oldest I think I have some of the
cutest Valentines around!

I LOVE them all so much!
Happy 17th Valentine's Day - JD!
can't wait for the many more to come!

Friday, February 12, 2010


I forgot to share this picture from Superbowl Sunday.
I like it.
Especially, my farmer brown in his "droveralls"!
that is what Wat calls them, and he likes to wear his as much as his daddy!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

dat's DAT!

JD had a few rules for the BIG game -

#1 watch the game at our house

#2 not to yell too loud and too much

#3 we were NOT having a party

#4 something simple to eat

Fine by me, not to hard to follow right???

the girls and I made a painted these shirts to show their "Saint Spirit".

Watkins wore his #9 jersey proud!
Brees u might want to watch out Wat Man has some tricks up his sleeve!
You could still be there when he gets on up and age, I mean I guess then you might be as old as Farve!

JD cooked DELICIOUS meat pies!

The answer is YES - it is VERY hard not to YELL loud or TOO MUCH!
I lasted until the first minutes of the second quarter and I could not hold back any longer.
At least I had the company of these dancers!
What can I say about DAT???
some of my favorites - I am sure I will be loving to hear and say over and over again.......

Believe Dat!
Won Dat!
Dat's Right!
'Who Dat' Rejoicing?
Ain't Dat Something?
Dat's Who!


after the game we celebrated with these people, who just had to stop by
for a few VICTORY hugs and smiles!
yep, DATs what happy looks like!