Thursday, February 25, 2010


a few numbers of Dumas Clan life

252 miles - we travel to watch and play soccer this weekend (LJ)

150 minutes - Watkins watches his favorite cartoon "Curious George" a week

15 dollars - the copay I pay at the doctor for a visit and how much I paid for our Subway supper last night

11 prescriptions - filled this month

8 a.m. - 2 days in a row we will be watching soccer this weekend

7 days a week - Phelps complains and yells to the clothes I pick out, "Those clothes are stinky!"
She has a mind of her own!

6 visits - to doctor this month alone

5 soccer games (at least) - we have and will watch this week

2 home cooked meals - the fam will have this week

1 kiddo - that is completely healthy at the moment (KD)

0 nights - our daddy has been gone this week :)

TOO MUCH TO COUNT - how thankful I am for my sweet fam and how much I love them!

We are keeping our fingers crossed with the end of February we will see the end of the epidemic of sickness and funk in the Dumas house hold!
a mess!

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