Friday, February 5, 2010

i LoVe a baby!

that's right I REALLY do!
their smell, sweet snuggling, the way they love you SO, could not be any better........
we LOVE our 4 kiddos, but 4 is our limit.
Needless to say - I get excited when someone close to me is expecting,
Juan (aka - the BEST babysitter in the world) will soon be having
a little one!
Baby Thompson is sure to be a CuTe one - boy or girl !!
Personally - I am rooting for a girl.
There is no doubt Juan will be a fantastic mom!
She has had LOTS of practice!

here is a few snapshots from the shower a group of us gave her last night...........

had fun making this - with my assistant Ashleigh!
her door will be the best on the hall at the hospital!
these rattles are SO precious!
found them on a website, and VIV did an excellent job making them!
a few more decorations
we played games.
this one is fun and quite a funny game.
"Name that Scent"
stole it from the Duggar's baby shower .
simply melt different types of candy bars in diapers, then pass them around
and then guess what kind.
Shannon got a kick out of it!

the guest of honor opening her gifts!
yep, she is super cute !
really she only has 2 more weeks!
JD (her 2nd daddy as she calls him) and Juan

Can't wait to meet baby thompson!

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