Friday, December 4, 2009

sweet friends and poems

Birthday Surprise a little early!!!!!
Some of MY SWEETEST FRIENDS took me on a quick, but
VERY successful shopping trip for a few birthday presents!!!
Here are the purchases!
A great purse, a fabulous shirt, fantastic earrings, and a scarf!
Like them? I love them!!!
PLUS - a gift certificate for a pedicure!!!
What would you ever do without friends??
They sure know how to make me feel special!
I LOVE YOU - girls!!!

My sweet third graders passed around a card, everybody signed it,
and this poem was written inside.
The poem made up by them...............

Winter is cool and so are you!
Don't you know - we love you!
You've inspired us throughout this year,
Getting us ready for our fourth grade year!
We will all go to 4th grade,
For sure you will be happy of the progress we've made!
Happy Birthday, Mrs. Dumas.

Told you it was sweet!
Yes, I did get teary eyed.

Tomorrow I will spend my day wrapped up tight so I won't get cold..........
2 soccer games in Meridian and
a Christmas parade!
Maybe all with a little snow???

The fam minus me will be riding on something BIG and RED in the parade.
Can you guess what it is ????

Happy Friday!

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