Wednesday, April 14, 2010

wOrDs on this wednesday

wARnInG - complaint to follow
let me give you some back ground info.

- jd gone until late last night and out of town this morning, thus morning routine out the door.

- i did not give babies bath last night, therefore had to this morning.

- running late. imagine.

- lj to school at 7:25. babies to school at 7:30.

- i have to be at school at 7:25, so thank god for student teacher who knew i would be late.

BUT NOT as LATE as I WAS thanks to this.........

boots are not allowed at preschool. not a big deal right? well- that is if you don't have a 4 year old who LOVES their boots and can't live without them at 7 in the morning when you are out numbered by 4 and are running LATE. he wanted to wear them, and i gave in. he wore them yesterday and they let it slide. so that is okay. well - I THOUGHT.

i am running up to the playground at the babies' school and hugging and kissing them goodbye the outside morning teacher comes up and says.......

teacher - do you have other shoes for him?

me - no. jd is out of town. he wanted to wear them. i am running late. i am sorry.
(i start walking away.)

teacher - well, he can't stay with those shoes on.

me - (turning around with fire coming out my ears. i am sure)
(picking him up.)

teacher - i wouldn't even say anything, but yesterday he was kicking everybody with them and that was a big problem.

me - okay.
(walking down the steps leaving with him in my arms. phelps by my side.)

teacher - i think maybe we can find some shoes for him just today.

me - don't worry about it.

so we head home with 3 crying people (me, wat, and phelps). hunt for the shoes that would be okay in his book.
as i said before only the boots would do today.
watkins is very upset. me upset does not describe. kd is mad (she is late).
head back to the school to drop them off again.
i go inside to talk to their main teacher, and she says i am sorry the boots are really not that big of deal. i like her. we laugh about it.
don't get to school until 8:15 almost a hour late.
good lord!
please help me get through this hump day!

p.s. did i mention he insisted on wearing a belt today. he has no belt loops. so it is just snug around his bare stomach. i am sure they are not thinking good thoughts about me there today.
sometimes being a momma is tOuGh!


  1. Bless your HEART! I wish I was there! I would have watched your class, just like the old days!! Miss you so much! Now that spring has sprung, all I can think about is sitting outside your house drinking a cold one with you and Laura, watching the kids run around after work...where has the time gone? Don't get me wrong, I am still drinking a cold one at 5:00, but I am missing you!! and Laura!! and all of our kids!!

  2. And you should call me to help you!! I went by your house early today. You know my number! Love you chic!!!

  3. Ditto everything Emily said!!!!!

    Hope,that made me laugh until I had tears in my eyes. I especially loved that he was kicking everybody in his boots all day long... I could picture the whole scene in my head.