Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Lawson Joy
  • made the JV softball team and loving it
  • getting along with her closet sister is most challenging as of late
  • nike shorts and t-shirts is still her outfit of choice
  • has learned to successfully clean the kitchen
  • is an official youth group member 
  • loves her cricut and cowgirl boots she got from Santa
  • has found a love for cheerleading (she has got the smile and facial expressions down to a "T")
  • is still a planner, organizer, and don't get in her way
  • getting along with her oldest sister is trying
  • still playing the piano
  • on cleaning the kitchen she gets an A+
  • all A's so far in 5th grade 
  • loves her gymnastics class, YAY!
  • plays babies, barbies, and school everyday
  • misses her brother during the day
  • is a "Go Fish" expert
  • just got a new kindergarten teacher 
  • loves his weekends
  • could definitely win a dance compition
  • never know what is going to come out of his mouth
  • tries to beat his sister in "Go Fish" everyday
  • is just so sweet to his twin sister, taking care of her all the time

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