Friday, June 25, 2010

our actress

each year my 3rd grade class puts on a patriotic play at the end of the year.

the kiddos absolutely lOvE it and can't wait to perform. it is alot of fun to watch it all come together at the end.

this year was extra special because KD was involved in the play and she portrayed me "Mrs. Dumas".
I must say I could not have done a better job than her!

the teachers
(Mrs. Dumas, Ms. Virden, Mrs. Woffard, and Mrs. Platt)

KD and Kaylie Beth

the final song is the big surprise of the show because the kids start singing
"God Bless America" and then end it by performing a rap version with a little step show.
here KD is getting ready...........

here she is in action!

KD and some of her buddies after their performance.

gOoD tImEs!

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