Tuesday, December 21, 2010


a few things I have learned recently I thought you might want to know................

1.  Yes, if you call 9.9.1. in that order it DOES successfully call 9.1.1.
how do I know you might ask??

2.  I will share the story, because I would hate to leave you hanging.
JD and I have left the kiddos at home with a couple of extra equally responsible children (you know the ones you could claim as your own because they spend so much time with you at your house) for just a couple of hours only about 2 miles away.  We are enjoying our dinner, when JD receives a call from our home phone.  JD leaves the dinner, only to rush back in tell me we are leaving and not to forget my coat.  JD is practically running to the car, as I trail behind begging for him to explain, all while I keep hearing him say......"Calm down Lawson Joy, and tell me again."
3.  I am not a very patient person.  Surprised?  Well, I love for my kiddos, my students, and JD to answer me or do the things I ask them right after it comes out of my mouth.  With JD, I think the Lord is trying very hard to teach me patience.

4.  back to the story..........
We are almost home before he puts down the phone.  My heart was beating 90 to nothing and I still had no idea what was going on!  JD quickly explains that someone called 9.1.1. from our house and the police are at the house.  LJ is hysterical, and JD - he is livid.
5.  LJ's hysteria.
I think was mostly caused by the thoughts of, "What is my daddy going to do and the knowledge of she is in the biggest trouble she has ever been."
6.  fRiGhTeNiNg!

I can not explain the feelings pulling up to my house and seeing NOT 1 BUT 2 police cars, yes, with flashing lights and 2 police officers standing on the porch.  I let JD deal with the police and I go in and see if I can't get to the bottom of the story.

7.  Interrogation
JD interrogated each child one at a time (even the 2 borrowed children) on the front porch.  
Enough tears were shed that night to make us a Dumas pond.  Please note - JD is quite the interrogator, but it was not working each child had the same exact story that went like this.....
"LJ, Cully, and Phleps were on the computer.  Haley and KD were on the piano.  Watkins was watching t.v.  The phone rang, Watkins picked it up and low and behold the police were on the way because someone had called 9.1.1."

8.  IMPRESSED and fUnNy.

Did you catch the fact that the police were on the front porch waiting on us?  LJ was taught well.  Remember the rule, "Never let strangers in."  That's right she even followed that rule with the police.  In fact, that might be the bEsT part of this story.

9.  No, confessions.

1.5 hours have passed and no one will confess.  Watkins keeps saying over and over again, "I did not call 9.9.1."  Well, that eliminates him, RIGHT?  JD is beside himself wondering why in the world won't these kids confess.  Honestly, I would have confessed even if I hadn't done it by this point if I were a kid.  

10.  then even later in our bedroom

Watkins' question, "I need to tell you something.  Will you promise I won't get in trouble?"  JD is a softy when it comes to this boy.  Why?  Not sure, but I do know he is the sweetest thing and his face, well it melts your heart.  JD agreed.  "If you tell us something, you want get in trouble."


You guessed it.  Watkins confessed.  "I called 9.9.1. tonight because I needed to know if it worked and if I could do it."  What do you say to that?  I am not sure what we said, but I have you know I was holding back tears.


If your wondering, did he get in trouble?? No, he didn't.  Do I think he will ever call 9.9.1. again for no reason?  NEVER.  There you have it people. 9.1.1. works even if you call 9.9.1.  If you don't believe, ask the Dumas children.

Our life is NeVeR dull. 

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