Thursday, March 10, 2011

falling. lent. spring break.

let's see we have had attitudes, some unorganized chaos, arguing and the list could go on in the Dumas household as of late.
BUT I am proud to say things are now falling back into place with more family time and the
thankfulness for the simple things in life that have been overlooked for a while.
I am so thankful for my hard working, loving husband 
and 4 healthy, energetic, and beautiful kiddos. I just can't get enough of all of us together.
 lent is here. day 2 of the 40.
I can't say I have really ever successfully given up anything for lent, but
this is the year for me.  I have given up something that is a part of my everyday life.
chocolate....... and yes I did say everyday.  I love it.
the fam went to Ash Wednesday service last night, and the message I am sure
was written just for me and the hubs.  Goodness.
So the chocolate and I have sad our good-byes and are looking forward to meeting again.
 spring break flashback above.
did you know only 1 more wake-up until spring break???
officially 28 hours from now spring break will begin.
can't wait to celebrate with my sweet family.

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