Wednesday, May 5, 2010

in my face

kind of a day! yep, i feel like making that face i am making above.
the oh no, what next face.

well, it goes like this........

1. school

2. end of school and gather big girls
3. drop KD off at church
4. pick up little miss from preschool
5. drop off LJ at soccer

6. drop little miss at gymnastics

7. all by 3:30 because I have a meeting then.
8. pick up little miss
9. pick up LJ

10. pick up our little man
11. go home for a quick change
12. be at the church by 5:15 for choir program

i am tired just thinking of it.

not to mention they need to eat, baths, and i need to finish making the cake for the babies
i just can't believe it.

my babies are so BIG!

and yes - this was a whiny blogpost.

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