Monday, October 4, 2010

many reasons

our weekend was a s.u.c.c.e.s.s.!!

#1 it was "kid-free", 
yep my very sweet momma and daddy kept the kiddos plus one extra, minus KD

#2 Friday afternoon hang out with school friends
and Shannon

#3 a quick nighttime golf cart ride around MSU campus
to say my respects because I would not be attending on Saturday

#4 lots of laughs about Cindy's EXTRA chewy carmel cake

#5 my favorite bagel (jalapeno with pineapple cream cheese) Saturday morning

#6 a fUn celebration of Jessica Philips' 21st b-day
(even if it was in the Grove)

#7 a fantastic diner with JD at Morgan Freeman's restaurant in Clarksdale, Madidi

#8 blues listening at Ground Zero

#9 going to bed early on Saturday night

#10 finishing a great read - "The Help"

#11 catching up with the husband

#12 picking up the kiddos and coming home to a clean house

nice. nice. weekend.

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