Tuesday, May 10, 2011

excuses. ramblings. the count down.

1.  picture taking. this blog. let's say has taken a little back seat.
why? you might ask.
2 softball players, 1 t-ball player, and 1 soccer player schedules that just
throw me in a frenzie.
By the time, I figure out the schedule, lay out the schedule, and make it to my place in the
schedule, well I just sit and enjoy.
let's just say thank you Phelps for just enjoying sitting by your momma.  
no balls for her.  :) 
her choice.
tonight, well, I plan on taking out the ole camera and taking some shots of my kiddos.
2.  summer is AlMoSt upon us.  thank heavens.
9 days with students.
11 days counting the 2 without students.
3.  we made the final big decision the twins will be visiting kindergarten AGAIN next year.
a big decison, but one I feel we will all be thankful for.
4.  kindergarten separated.
that is right the twins will be in separate classes.
yes, that is what I am most nervous about.
5.  the hubs, well, I can honestly say we are on the same page more than ever before.
and you know I love him lots.
6.  I have lost 37 pounds since January. 
big step.
to bad I need to loose that much more.
thank you to my exercising side kicks!
Viv and Ashley you make the gym and walks so much better.
JD has lost too.  how much?
I will get back to you on that.
7.  my refrigerator has nEvEr been so bare.
grocery store just isn't as fun with the 4 kiddos in tow, and with the mad dash
it must be completed in.
trust me.
8.  confession.
I did a little grocery store shopping at the gas station this morning.
on the list.....
ziplocs, milk, chips, and bread 
that had it all.  it doesn't really matter where it comes from.  right? 
9.  KD and Phelps will not eat in the cafeteria without tears being shed.
LJ and Watkins LOVE the cafeteria for lunch and even breakfast.
10.  17 days until a vacation.

I am back.

 beach flashback.
sUmMer 2010.

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  1. I miss you! Please lets get together soon. Liza likes Taylor now so I am feeling a bit more free after she goes to sleep at night. Call me.