Friday, November 5, 2010

dAy 2

meaning behind the name

"all our dumas days"

#1 I thought it was catchy.

#2 That is what this is all about after all - all our dumas days - as the 6 
Dumases here in Starkvegas as we make it through our days that are long or
 short, happy or sad, busy or slow, healthy or sick, or just plain bad or good.

#3 i liked it.  Wondering if I asked JD if he liked the name before I entitled it?? well, nope.
Although, I would give myself credit as being quite creative I'll have to admit JD has me beat in that category and sometimes I like to go with what I came up with just because.  

i like our blog.  mostly because I like sharing pictures of our 4 cute kiddos.
but I will confess it is time for a new look.
don't you think? 

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