Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Cotton District Arts Festival

I was glad the weather cleared up so we could enjoy the festival.
Lawson Joy and her friend Carley could not wait to get there. They wanted to see their friends and spend their money.
Although, my little man was not so sure about the festival when we got there. (Here he is trying to hide behind a friend's truck.)
It did not take long for the twins to realize there was plenty to do at the festival. They loved playing the drums.
Watching these marble contraptions was a hit! Watkins sat there alone for 20 minutes. Does anyone know where to buy these things?
They also enjoyed the trains.
Phelps was very proud of the necklace she made.
Thanks to our dear friend Mr. Bill for letting us come to his house and sit down to eat our lunch and enjoy his backyard.

The babies had a great time at the festival. Watkins fell asleep sitting on Jeremiah's shoulders and Phelps fell asleep in the wagon all before we could get back to the car. They were pooped!
The big girls had a good time at the festival too, and then went to see Monsters vs. Aliens.
They gave it a thumbs up!

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