Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My Favorite Time of the Day......

I know it may sound strange to a few, but my absolute favorite time of the day is when all my children are clean. I mean fresh out of the tub from being scrubbed down. (yes, I have stopped using baby soap on the twins, but only within the past couple of months) Maybe it is because they are calmer then? No, I am pretty sure it is the clean factor. Anyway, I just can't wait to love all over them and smell that fresh, new, clean smell. It really makes me happy.... So Sunday mornings is also one of my favorites because this is the only day MY SAY SO stands firm on what they wear and how their hair looks. That being said I just get goose bumps thinking about Easter morning when not only are they extra clean, and they all have on something new that I have picked out with a little approval by them. I then soon start to in vision taking our Easter picture and everybody looking at the camera and of course with their best smile - YEAH, RIGHT! Well, think again.... I must say I need to understand that it will be several years before I get that perfect, smiling picture. Take a look at these...(please notice Katherine is smiling and posed perfectly in each picture! got to love it!)

take 1

take 2

take 3

take 4.......
and I am sure you know there were many more. I did all I could, promised ice cream and everything. I would make an excuse, like they had already eaten alot of chocolate or something to that effect, but I have you know this happens every time I try to get my precious children to stand still, smile, look at the camera so their momma can have the "picture perfect" picture. Anyway, I think they all look very nice and sweet and they of course are the MOST PRECIOUS THINGS IN THE WHOLE WORLD!!!


  1. i like it!!

    and, i love katherine's perfect posing....

  2. Hope - I am so impressed that on top of everything you blog too! You do it all... love, lizbeth (laura's sister - I'm glad she found that silver egg for watkins)