Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Dumases Always Go To Prentiss for Easter......

Let me explain, Jeremiah is one of 5 children. He is the baby by many years, which always makes life interesting. Needless to say, because there are SO many children, there many grandchildren - 17 to be exact. SO when we all get together it is loud, busy, chaotic, but also lots and lots of FUN!! My kids can't wait to get to Prentiss to eat Grandy's food, fish, play basketball, ride golf carts/tractors/4 wheelers, and just play, play, play with all the cousins and Grandy's neighbors(our adopted cousins Jennings and Loriann) ....... There were only 17 total of us staying this Easter, which means 12 were absent, but that didn't mean we could not have a fun filled Easter Weekend!!! Here are a few of our moments spent together.....

if you notice the table is full of baskets......

a few of the Dumases ready to hunt at the Prentiss FUMC............
The church always calls the Dumas house in advance to see if the grandchildren are coming because they have to prepare for double the amount of kids. Pretty funny!

Phelps and Watkins made sure to only get the plastic eggs with candy. Watkins said, "I not like that one, I want the chocolate ones, momma."

"What do you have John Davis?" Phelps was checking his eggs out. (His name is really James David, but the babies insist on calling him this.)

Wait there are more eggs??????


  1. Hope!!!
    I love your blog! Your kids are so darling! Hope your Easter break was peaceful!


  2. Hey! Your blog is pretty great! It's good to see pictures of kids in addition to seeing them regularly! Laura