Monday, April 27, 2009

A Friday Playdate

I was so excited it was finally Friday, and what better way to start off the weekend than with a playdate with my best buddies and all our kids?
Would you consider me a redneck, since I placed the chips/salsa and chocolate refreshments on my old washing machine that Jeremiah needs to take to the dump? Kinda of funny, huh?
Vivian, Shannon, Laura, Ashleigh and all of their crews came over for a little fun in the sun. My camera did go dead - so I did not get many pictures, but a few..........
Anelise just a swinging. So cute!
Bella, Rhiannon, and Katherine playing on the swing set. The girls are our neighbors, and they get to our house and us to theirs by jumping the fence.
Watkins has even mastered the "fence jumping"!
We of course had lots of laughs and caught up quickly, before we headed in all different directions. The ball field, a date, a movie, and out for pizza to name a few places we all headed to. I had a great time and was glad we could all catch up.

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  1. okay you have inspired me to do a blog for my family. I just love looking at yours!!!! Please let me know next time ya'll are down the way. I would love to see your beautiful children and I want you to meet Mary Tate. Glad to see you are doing so well!!! Love, Megan