Thursday, April 23, 2009


I love crawfish! We had some over Easter, but that wasn't enough for me. Thankfully, our friends Erinn and Tim invited us over for a crawfish boil on Saturday after the festival. After the twins got a good nap, we headed over to our friends for some CRAWFISH!
The crawfish were delicious! Thanks to Erinn's dad who cooked them, he was here for Super Bulldog Weekend. Phelps was equally excited, but it had nothing to do with the crawfish. It was because I let her dress herself. She picked out her clothes and shoes. Take a look.......
Check out the flower pants with the funky pattern shirt! And what about those flip-flops? "They match momma, because they both have polka tots," Phelps explaining. These are her shoes of choice lately!
Then we got to our friend's house her and Lily had a great time playing dress up. Check out those outfits! Little divas for sure!
Watkins had a great time acting like a cowboy!
Jeremiah and Tim loving some crawfish!
Brittany, Ashleigh, Hope, Erinn
Lots of laughs and a great time! We were all glad that we finally got to meet Ashleigh's sister in person.
Thanks Tim and Erinn for inviting us over. We had a blast!

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  1. I missed out again!!!

    LOVE phelps' outfit -- she explained her polka dot theory to me a few weeks ago. she does have a point...