Thursday, April 16, 2009

Mr. Fix It

Do you have any home improvements needing to be completed, broken items that need fixing, or perhaps a picture that must be hung? I know who you need to call. You might ask "Handy Manny" or "Bob the Builder". No my very on Watkins...........

You know how I feel about my children being clean, so I was telling my little man it was time for a bath. "No, I not dirty, momma. I not need a bath. See? I'm still clean," Watkins trying desperately to convince me.

"I got to put my jacket on and where are my tools? Jeremy needs me to help him, real bad."

"I going to help Jeremy, be right back."

"Where is my saw? Don't know, can't find it. Jeremy, I measure it for you."

"Yep, it is 5 minutes long, Jeremy." (Exact quote, so SWEET!)

Jeremy, looking to see what Watkins has that he really might need. He helped Jeremy all he could and sweet Jeremy is always so patient. Jeremy is going to have a booth at the Cotton District Arts Festival and he was getting his tent and items ready. He is an AWESOME photographer and he has prints from many different cities! They are fabulous, so if you are going to the festival stop by and shop! (Maybe if you tell him you read about him on my blog, he might give you a discount! Plus that would be brownie points for me!)

The photographer himself! Not only is he a fabulous photographer, he also makes a great neighbor! He and his wife are always there to help us out with the kids, the campaign, the house, and the list goes on and on........ If we simply need to laugh or have a good time the Murdocks are there!

We love you - Ashleigh and Jeremy! We will owe you two a lifetime of free babysitting when you two finally have the little Murdocks!

And if you are wondering- yes, Mr. Fix-It and his forever faithful assistant did get their bath!


  1. That is perfect!! "it is 5 minutes long..."

    Hope, I'm glad that you now have that precious quote saved for posterity.

    I love "Mr. Fix It" and his Forever Faithful Assistant!!!


  2. Hope, I love that the babies get their floats in the bath tub! BTW Is that your new finished bathroom? I need pics.