Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Phelps and Watkins were so excited to go egg hunting! Watkins just kept asking, "Where is that bunny momma?" and "When is he coming to my house to give me the prizes?" Phelps just kept telling him, "The bunny is coming to Grandy's house on another day, not today, Wat. We are egg hunting today." She always keeps him straight. Thankfully THE BUNNY was there and we got close enough to take a look and that was satisfying to him because he got to see THAT BUNNY. The hunt was very nice, but I will have to confess we did hunt in the 0-2 age group because the 3-5 group was packed and I was sure no eggs would be found by my two babies. Don't worry I compared the height of my babies to the others and they seemed to blend right in. Watkins did find the prize egg with the help of one of my dear friends. Thanks, Laura! Her little man, Henry, was taking a snooze, but I am sure he completely enjoyed his first hunt! Isn't he precious!

Lawson Joy was at a girl scout function, but Katherine was there and she has mastered the egg hunting. She managed to find many eggs, and was very proud of herself. Easter is always fun!

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