Friday, April 24, 2009

Take Us Out to the Ballgame and a Movie

The girls had been wanting to see the new "Hannah Tanna" Movie. (That is what we call at our house because that is what Phelps calls her.) We headed out on Sunday afternoon to see it, but only after the twins were down for their nap. I have to say the movie was pretty cute.
Then we headed to the MSU baseball game after picking up the well-rested twins.
Tommy T and Hobie even let Watkins in on the grill action. The hamburgers, sausage, chicken and garlic bread were delicious!
The chicken was especially GOOD!
We had a blast just hanging out with good friends and watching a little baseball.

Baby Elliott so sweet.....

Lawson Joy and Georgia

Phelps and very dirty feet.

Watkins showing his moves.

my big girls and Watkins

a very happy Elliott

the official sponsor and cup of choice

the best Tucker family photo

Emily Anne's baby shower gift that Shannon has carried around for months. We are so sorry! Please let me know if you don't get it. I know Campbell will look precious in them.

Katherine hanging out.

entertaining Elliott

Thanks Hobie for hosting us! Your place is the best as always.

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  1. I got it!! Thank you, the outfits were precious!!